27 August 2011

Another butterfly

Here's another of the butterflies.  
Why did I make another?  That's beyond me!!!  I think it's just cause I like making them!!  I could use the excuse that I'm checking the pattern - again.  That's sort of true.  I'd like to tell any new designers that you can never ever check a pattern enough times!!!  Even an OG like me has to check about six times before they're happy.

Ah, maybe I should just stick to simpler ideas, eh?  

26 August 2011

A shark meets a chameleon!!!

Well here he is in all his glory and now swimming about in cyberspace - Nathan's shark!!!  The link is here!

I also managed to get the chameleon up there too.  His link is here!

That's now leaving me with the dragonfly to find but goodness knows where that's hiding - somewhere on this computer!!!

25 August 2011

IF I had a brain!

Seriously - if I had a brain I'd be dangerous!!!  I know I've got three cells but that sure doesn't make a brain, does it?

I'd forgotten all about this little guy until Jane dropped me a line last week reminding me!!  Actually it was Ginny who mentioned it on her blog in the first place and Jane saw it.  Originally it was a TIAS (Tat It And See) that we ran 'live' at Palmetto Tat Days in 2009.  

I usually wait until after their CD's have finished selling before I put the patterns on my site but this time I forgot about this little chameleon!!!  I'll pop him on the pattern pages soon!!!

Actually if I get time later today I'll 'do' it then!!!  

Still outstanding is the dragonfly but I'll have to find that little stinker first!!!!

24 August 2011


Of course having made a shark for Nathan I needed to make a little something for Abbi!!!  Here's a dragonfly I did for her!  

I've got the pattern somewhere on my computer and it needs finalising and adding to my site.  Please remind me if it doesn't appear soon!!!

Originally I made this pattern as earrings in number 80 thread.  

23 August 2011

Well ........

This is the reason for the 'new' type of join which I've called the double continuous thread join and which can be found here

Months and months ago (yes, I'm a BAD grandma!) one of my grandkids asked me to make him a shark!!!  I thought and thought about this but couldn't get my teeth into it (very bad pun time) until I was sitting in Cincinnati one day and decided to do what I do best 'take a run at it' with shuttles loaded and brain cell 3 rested and ready!!!!

I'm really pleased with the teeth - aren't they fearsome?  The name of this pattern?  Nathan's Shark!!!

I hope to get this onto the pattern page over the next few days.  I'll let you know when it's ready.  

It's hard to think of 'boy' things to design and I reckon Nathan's idea could be one which will appeal to little boys.  

Further suggestions always welcome.

22 August 2011

What I really need

Is there anybody out there who would like a challenge?  I don't often cry out for a test tatter but I feel I need one for this pattern!!!

It's the re-furbished butterfly with a fancy edging that needs somebody's tender loving care!!!  It was a $&;(@! to write down!!!!  I'm not even sure what the fancy edging is called but it requires three shuttles!!!  OK, it's a pain to work but it's SO well worth the effort for the effect you get.  Anyway please drop me a line if you're not faint hearted and would like a 'go' at this.  My email address is in my profile.

Once this is tested I'll put it back on the web site.  I've also split the two versions so that you only need to print off the one you want - IF you want it!!!!  Here's the finished flutterby!!!

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Happy Beaks
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