18 January 2014

Day 5

Good morning, world.  
Here is the link for Day 5 of the TIAS 2014.  

There is plenty of time to start from the beginning if you've only just found the TIAS.  Links above this post will give you the introduction and all five days.  
We're not yet halfway through yet so let the fun continue!!!!

17 January 2014

Not a lot else

Well I don't have a lot to say today - did I hear somebody say 'thank goodness'?  I will tell you, though, that tomorrow I'll put day 5 up on the blogs.  

The instructions for what you'll need are on the day 4 page but I'll put them here too just in case you've 'done a Jane' and lost them!!!  I could get medals for losing things!!!

For the next stage you will need two shuttles using the same thread as before with 3 yards on Sh1 and 3½ yards on Sh2 - again wound CTM (continuous thread method).

16 January 2014

Finally the Catherine Wheel motif

The end of the line is here!!!!  Below is the final, final version and BC3 is now heading for retirement!!  

Top is 'just the middle' which makes a nice enough motif on it's own, I think.  I may well start with this as the beginning of another idea soon as once the block tatting idea wanes it could be the basis for something else!!!  

Next are two made with blue as the basis.  There's the one done in plain colours and the bottom one done in plain and variegated.  I know which I prefer!!!

Right - out with the sunglasses, book, bikini (YIKES) and the deck chair.  BC3 is heading for a long and happy retirement.  Wonder how long it'll last?!?!?!   Five minutes or fifty years?  Ummmm, doubtful on both.  Certainly the second as I ain't got fifty left - tat's for sure!!!!

15 January 2014

Day 4 - TODAY

Here is the link for Day 4.  

As usual I will put it above this post too - just to make it easier to find if anybody new stumbles across this blog.

At a rough guess I think there are almost 90 people taking part that I know of.  I keep all the photos in folders for each day and occasionally count them.  I'm a very happy old git!!!!

14 January 2014

Trying colours and changing stitch counts!

First an announcement - tomorrow will be Day 4 of the TIAS so keeeeeep watching!!!

So, there is a difference now between the purple/pink one here at the top and the brown/cream one below.  Just a matter of moving the ring slightly to the left.  When I got to this stage I felt I was almost there but it still needs further checking.  

Am I annoying you now?  Well with a bit of luck today I'll get the links and things done and ready to upload.  All these things take time and the full concentration of BC3!!!  

13 January 2014

Yet another!!!

Lots more TIAS's in overnight - please bear with me while I play catch up this morning.  An OG has to eat sometimes, you know and I've also got to post all the shuttles this morning too!!!

The Tat It And See has almost 80 people taking part - well, that's the number I know about!!!  I'm thrilled with the numbers and delighted to see not only old friends but new ones arriving daily.  Thanks everybody.

I thought another colour may do the trick and make me like it but it didn't and I don't!!!!  It still didn't twirl enough for me but I carried on working on it!!!  I'll show you more and get the pattern up soon. 

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Happy Beaks

Happy Beaks
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