16 January 2014

Finally the Catherine Wheel motif

The end of the line is here!!!!  Below is the final, final version and BC3 is now heading for retirement!!  

Top is 'just the middle' which makes a nice enough motif on it's own, I think.  I may well start with this as the beginning of another idea soon as once the block tatting idea wanes it could be the basis for something else!!!  

Next are two made with blue as the basis.  There's the one done in plain colours and the bottom one done in plain and variegated.  I know which I prefer!!!

Right - out with the sunglasses, book, bikini (YIKES) and the deck chair.  BC3 is heading for a long and happy retirement.  Wonder how long it'll last?!?!?!   Five minutes or fifty years?  Ummmm, doubtful on both.  Certainly the second as I ain't got fifty left - tat's for sure!!!!


Lace-lovin' Librarian ~ Diane said...

They're all pretty, but I think I like the bottom one best!

Patti said...

My vote is BC3's retirement last 5 seconds. Besides, it can't be before the two of you come to Shuttlebirds.
I prefer the solid colors as the design shows better.

Eve said...

wow Jane those are so nice. I like the blue and white one best. Is the bottom one done in Lizbeth color 112 as the multi? That is the color that I am using for my TIAS.

Jane Eborall said...

I'm not sure, Eve. I expect it is, though. It's certainly a Lizbeth thread!!

linb54 said...

the top one reminds me of a pinwheel, think that one is my fav. great job, as usual!

Anonymous said...

OOO I do hope BC3 is not really going to retire! Perhaps a nice cruise on the yacht that you are having us all work on will be all that is needed for rejuvenation and invigoration. Love your spinning motif... sort of what my brain feels like right at the moment!
Sarah : )

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