2 April 2016

Fandango doily round 1 size 40

Here's the first round of this new doily. I'm loving these colours so much more than the last doily. I'm EVEN following the pattern closely too - checking up carefully on BC3 as we all know what he's like for making mistakes!!! 

One day I'll write the perfect pattern but I'm not telling anybody when that will happen as I've doubts it ever will!!!

Saturday today and the weather is getting a bit warmer. Soon be time to get the sewing machine out but meantime experiments with baubles are continuing - more on that over the next few weeks.

1 April 2016

What a hoot!!!!

Another small diversion (an Amigurumi owl!!) which I no longer own!!! Both this one and the previous monkey returned home with two delightful grandchildren yesterday.   Here's the pattern I used.

This should be the last of the Amigurumi until next winter as it's now getting a little warmer here in my neck of the woods and I'm just dying to get to the sewing machine and sit in the conservatory to play there!!!

This isn't perfect but I must say I enjoyed the new challenge. Interestingly I didn't learn to crochet until I was around 32. Nearly twenty years after I learned to tat!!! Shame and a good book made me give it a whirl!!!  So glad I did.

31 March 2016

Another doily started

This time I'm starting off with one of my favourite colour ways - Lizbeth's Rainbow Taffy.  It always cheers me up and makes me smile!!!

I'm using a size 40 and I'm hoping to expand on the previous attempt too. We'll see if my patience will last out!!!

I'll also be checking out my notes and diagrams so that eventually (and IF I REMEMBER) I can add it to the pattern site. Meanwhile (when the grandkids have gone home) I must add another new pattern too as that's been stewing around on the computer for a couple of months as well!!! 

I think I'm a bit like a new mum when it comes to a finished pattern. I spend days/weeks and sometimes months in labour and once it's born I'm sort of reluctant to part with it!!!!! So bear with me while BC3 gets himself analysed!!!!

30 March 2016

Another diversion!!!

Well I'm still trying to make the 'perfect' bell type bauble!!! I never give up on these things and a good thing too!!!!   I'm now trying out different ideas especially when it comes to hiding the rib ends. I think I've 'cracked' that now with this experiment!!! It's quite easy really. 

Because these will be hanging from something or other I've covered a tiny, tiny metal split ring before starting and then continued by adding the ribs to that and then straight into the bell itself. 

With the weather still pretty appalling over here I think more experiments will be happening!!!

29 March 2016

On the way

BE WARNED. I'm on the way!!!

No, not the men in white coats coming to collect me but me going to AMERICA. Yes, I'm delighted to say I've been chosen to teach at Palmetto Tat Days in September!!!! In fact you can now see a list of all the teachers who will be there. Some friends from past years (and via the internet) and (hopefully) new ones too. 

I've just 'stolen' the logo off their site and put one of the designs I've had accepted below it too.

28 March 2016

Another day - another round!

Here's the new doily now with a second round on it. Believe it or not - those are the same colours on the outside as on the centre. Weird, isn't it?  Looking at it again - no, they're not the same colours!!!  Really MUST get BC3 to help write blog posts!!!

I think I'll do another doily now - just to test the pattern before I put it on my site. Well, that's an excuse really as I've so much enjoyed doing this one I really 'need' to do another. Next one will be in size 40 thread, though. Why? Well I'm in the mood for size 40!! Simple!!

What I really like about this design is all the negative space it's generated. Makes it a whole lot lighter. It's still very firm, though.  Pity I didn't block or press this before I showed it to you but I will with the next one.

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Happy Beaks

Happy Beaks
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