16 December 2022

The second bookmark

This is for the other little girl I mentioned yesterday.  

I have suddenly realised that my stash of bookmarks is sadly depleted.  I try to keep around half a dozen as little 'just because' gifts or even emergency birthday ones!!!  I think I'll be making more but need another pattern as two the same is quite enough for BC3.  He does like a little variety in his life!!!

15 December 2022

Just a bookmark

Nothing whatever to do with Christmas or anything like that.  

I've got two little girls (10 and 7) living opposite me.  They are truly delightful little ones and I love when I get to do crafts with them and their their grandma too.   

Well they've discovered that they've both got dyslexia and struggle with reading and writing so just for a bit of fun I thought I'd make them a bookmark each.  To see that silly face poking out of the top of a book might just make them smile and encourage them to read,  Fingers crossed.

14 December 2022

From Julie

I had this lovely message last week from Julie.  Cheered me up no end while the snow was - well, snowing.

"Love your patterns. I made the small bugle bead snowflakes for the single mom's at my church for Christmas this year. I  showed them to my lace guild and they want me to show them how to make them. They are new to tatting having learned earlier this year. Can I have your permission to share your pattern with them?"
These are her flakes.  Aren't they lovely?

13 December 2022

Marie’s pendant

I haven't looked at this pattern for YEARS.  In fact I'd completely forgotten about it until Marie asked for permission to use it for a newsletter (or was it a class) ages ago.  

I have the original one which I still wear from time to time but, as I said, I'd long filed it in BC3's vaults!!!!  Now I've seen Marie's I may well make another one - or two even.  It's stunning in white and I feel I could hang that as a dangle in my living room window too.

This is what Marie-Claude said.

"Dear Jane,

Here is your pendant that I made. I had the idea to do it all in white - I don't know why, haha...

I think that the members of our association will appreciate it. I like it a lot and I will wear it with great pleasure!!

Thank you again for your creation and authorization and see you soon for the next TIAS maybe.


12 December 2022

Finally - FREE snowflake earrings

It's only taken a year to get these down on paper - well, cyberpaper.   If it hadn't have been for Sue you wouldn't have them now!!
Why?  Well she publicly and carefully 'nagged' me on Facebook.   To get my own back I asked her to look at the pattern and she managed to do sterling work on it.  
I think she probably regrets it now although she has got herself a pair of snazzy purple earrings out of it!!  Thanks to her eagle eye and well thought out suggestions as a test tatter the pattern is now ready to 'rock and roll'.  

Although the pattern looks complicated it is only 4 rings - with lots and lots of beads!!!  Each earring has some added to picots, some on the core thread and others lurking at the back of the hand before starting the ring!!!!  Read carefully and enjoy.

It's very difficult to get good pictures of things that sparkle.  Bit like that when I have my photo taken - I sparkle too much!!!  That's a JOKE!!!

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Happy Beaks

Happy Beaks
I beg your pardon? I didn't quite catch what you said.