21 April 2012

More about the CD idea!!!

Sorry that the last two days posts 'didn't happen'.  I'd scheduled them but something went wrong!!  I checked both posts later on each day and both were stating the date and time I'd set but on both occasions they were still not 'out there'.  Anyway, here's what you should've had on Thursday!!!

So off I went into the tatting cupboard and I emerged with these two colours - I just LOVE these two together.  This is what happened.  The top picture is the front and the bottom is the back.  

So, this got the old brain ticking over (after a gallon of tea, of course) because I DON'T LIKE the hole in the middle - it needs filling!!!!  To me it looks like a missing tooth so perhaps I should take it to the dentist at the end of the road!!!!  Yes, there really IS a dentist at the end of our residential road and a doctor at the other end!!!

Certainly needs a second opinion!!!!

18 April 2012

Looking at another old pattern

Now I was searching around a week or two back and came across this pattern which I immediately thought looked outdated!!  When I did this design it was at the time when everything that came through our letterbox had a CD in it and, of course, this was a challenge to me to use them!!!

I'm not going to take this pattern down but I did think about re-tatting it.

Below is what I did with some of the CD's and I had these hanging in our front windows for a few years - until they started to fade!  Not sure where they are now but they're in the house somewhere!!!

17 April 2012

Technique for Georgia

Georgia asked me a few weeks ago to do a technique for her.  Apparently a few people are having trouble doing this idea.  So, me being me off I trotted to do it.  First problem was understanding how to do it myself!!!

I'm not totally sure where this technique originated from but I found it here and here in my search and I THINK that what I've done HERE is the same.  If not then I'm totally lost which isn't a new thing!!!!

It's a way of making another ring on top of one already being worked - bit like working a ring on top of a chain but this time working a ring on top of a ring.  At first I found it confusing (not new for me to be confused - it happens easily!).  Now I really like this idea but I'm not sure yet whether I'll ever use it!!!

Have you ever thought about how I do the drawings when I'm doing a technique?  Probably not!!!!

I reckon if somebody was to stand behind or beside me and film it then it would be hysterical!!!  I have a graphics pad to draw with (like a pen and paper) and this relieves the strain of using a mouse on my hand.  The pad sits firmly on my lap while I hold the pen.  BUT I also have shuttles, beads, threads to contend with as well.  I make and study each movement as I draw which, I promise you, isn't easy.

Oh, IF this was ever filmed it would have to be a silent movie as the 'talking to myself' and the 'cussing' are unbelievable!!!!

16 April 2012

A new shuttle

Look what arrived the other day.  Whoooopeee - a new shuttle.

BUT inside the shuttle are a couple of MY doodles!!!  How's that for customised, eh?

This is one of the popular Hinton shuttles and is certainly unique.  Thanks Erin.  It's in my collection now which I really ought to sort out.  I'm pretty lax at keeping track of what's there!!!

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Happy Beaks

Happy Beaks
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