27 May 2017

Eureka or not

Not sure if this is what I'm going to finally settle on!

This was VERY hard to photograph as it sparkles SO much. On the long beaded picots there are some red sparkly bicone beads which are the 'jam' in a sandwich of size 11 sparkly red beads. 

I have an idea for another one so hold tight and be prepared for more!! Don't worry - you won't get bored as I've only got 7 of the big beads and am trying to resist the temptation of starting on the rings. Ideas are buzzing and BC3 is nagging!!!

26 May 2017

Another new start

Remember these beads I've been working with? Well there are three sizes and as we all know - size is critical. Well, almost as tatting does have a bit of 'give' to it.

A neighbour and I went on a 'jolly' to Birmingham a few weeks ago and I mentioned I'd be looking out for more beads in the same sizes. Nothing, zilch, nowt in the market or anywhere else. 

Then Sue happened to be in a nearby town a week or so later and found a necklace with beads and rings which she bought for me from a charity shop. 

The beads turned out to be quite a lot bigger than the ones I'd been playing with so it's back to the 'drawing board' - as 'they' say!!!

Here's a 'pattern' for the beads. I know, it's not very glamorous as it's a test to see if my guess work design fits or not! I'd say it was a good, snug fit! Now to write it down properly and use some 'decent' thread to see what comes of it. I'm thinking Christmas decorations but BC3 may have other ideas!

25 May 2017

Found and in need

Found and in need of a new and good home!!!!

As you've probably gathered I've not had a lot of time for tatting or showing you 'stuff' but while doing what I've been doing in the background (MASSIVE clean and tidy) I found this Bocote Pop A Bobbin Shuttle lurking on my worktop by the computer. 

This sad and lonely (and only child) is for sale for $33.69 or £20.00 plus postage. The postage overseas will be roughly £3.15 depending on where in the world the buyer is.

Please email me if you want to give this little guy a good home.  All he needs to keep him happy is lots of thread and (occasionally) a few beads!!!

23 May 2017

Now for a better picture!

Not only that but another finished project. This is the t-shirt that I threatened with a tatted edging. It's amazing how different a cheap t-shirt can look with a very simple tatted edging. 

At least this picture does the colour of the garment justice!!!  I know somebody called Diane who will like the colour!!!

22 May 2017

Another necklace finished.

I'm really liking playing with the beads so decided to make another necklace which I'll probably never wear. 

Like the last one I've smothered it with Scotchgard but unlike the last one I've added tiny gold beads to the joining picots. 

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Happy Beaks

Happy Beaks
I beg your pardon? I didn't quite catch what you said.