9 June 2012

FORCED into tidying up!

It's been raining for days and days and weeks over here and I'm going rusty.  I've run out of excuses now so decided I'd really have to tidy up the computer or the house.  I read Diane's post here the other day and thought about my tat corner and decided it really wasn't that bad!  Well it's worse than Diane's but not bad!!!!

Late yesterday morning I went to add another blog to my list that I follow on Blogger and was told by the 'powers that be' that I couldn't follow more than 300 blogs.  

WHAT? I don't follow that many, do I?  Well I must do.  So off I went to 'sort it out' and tidy up my list.  It took an hour and a half to go through them all on the dashboard and through reader but I've taken off 67 blogs.  

The criteria I used was to eliminate any blog that hadn't been updated for over a year and also blogs that had drifted away from tatting.  I'm always keeping a beady eye open for new tatting blogs so any suggestions for me to add to my following list would be VERY welcome as I now have room and I don't want to get bored!!!  If you think I took you off by mistake or start up your blog again then please let me know.  The 'following' list isn't the same as the blog roll which you see on the right side of the blog.  Those I try to keep to a few of the most active tatting 'bloggers'.

Interestingly I noticed while I was doing this that I now have 392 followers.  Not that I believe that as I expect a lot of people have drifted off and forgotten about removing ME from THEIR following list!!!  Actually I guess that it should be 391 as Gina (tattinggoddess) was a follower too and she's no longer sadly able to see my ramblings.  Now that I've mentioned it I expect that number to drop like a stone as people realise that they're bored with reading my ramblings!!!!  Ain't life fun - and WET!!!!

If you value this Old Git then please, please, PLEASE send some sun my way.

7 June 2012


Once a parrot, then a cockatoo and now a pair of budgerigars!!!!!  These have long since left home and gone to live with somebody who really loves budgies and who I knew would give them a good home.  They're both worked in a number 80 (or thereabouts) thread.

Who's a pretty boy, then?  I must make another for myself sometime!!!

So, I suppose there may be one or two people in Tat Land who would like the pattern?  Maybe or maybe not.  Anyway, you're gonna get the choice of whether you do or don't take it!!!!  Here's the link!!

6 June 2012


Back to normal and following on from the parrot I wondered if it could be turned into a cockatoo.  Well, I think it can. It needed a little bit of adapting from the original parrot but not much.  Here's a picture.

I've added the crest as I tat the rest and there are no ends to work in using my method!!!  However they could always be added through vsp's afterwards, I guess.  I just think the way I've done it makes for a neater result!!

5 June 2012

Jubilee pictures

Here's how we do it in my 'neck of the woods'.  This was yesterday when the sun decided to shine on us all for some of the time - thankfully!!!

Back to parroty things tomorrow but I thought I'd just break my 'rule' about this blog for once.  It's normally and usually just tatting related but as this was such an occasion I thought you'd like to see a small part of my 'other' life.

4 June 2012

To wit to woo

Oooooops, sorry, I mean 'Pieces of Eight!!!  

What do you think of this chap?  Would he make a good pattern or not?  I've been wanting to make a parrot for years and years but never could get Mary Parrot's parrot out of my head.  Her's is a stonking great parrot and I know mine would never be as 'parroty' as hers.  Here's a link to her pattern.

I made hers years and years ago but must've given it away as I can't find it.  Here's my poor relation.  Pattern to follow - after a bit more teasing and eye candy!!!!!  

Well, you know me - I like to make you wait a few days!!!!!!

Tell you one extra thing - yesterday's pageant on the Thames was fantastic.  Watched it on the telly all afternoon.  Today's our street party so not a lot will be done today!!!!

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Happy Beaks

Happy Beaks
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