9 June 2012

FORCED into tidying up!

It's been raining for days and days and weeks over here and I'm going rusty.  I've run out of excuses now so decided I'd really have to tidy up the computer or the house.  I read Diane's post here the other day and thought about my tat corner and decided it really wasn't that bad!  Well it's worse than Diane's but not bad!!!!

Late yesterday morning I went to add another blog to my list that I follow on Blogger and was told by the 'powers that be' that I couldn't follow more than 300 blogs.  

WHAT? I don't follow that many, do I?  Well I must do.  So off I went to 'sort it out' and tidy up my list.  It took an hour and a half to go through them all on the dashboard and through reader but I've taken off 67 blogs.  

The criteria I used was to eliminate any blog that hadn't been updated for over a year and also blogs that had drifted away from tatting.  I'm always keeping a beady eye open for new tatting blogs so any suggestions for me to add to my following list would be VERY welcome as I now have room and I don't want to get bored!!!  If you think I took you off by mistake or start up your blog again then please let me know.  The 'following' list isn't the same as the blog roll which you see on the right side of the blog.  Those I try to keep to a few of the most active tatting 'bloggers'.

Interestingly I noticed while I was doing this that I now have 392 followers.  Not that I believe that as I expect a lot of people have drifted off and forgotten about removing ME from THEIR following list!!!  Actually I guess that it should be 391 as Gina (tattinggoddess) was a follower too and she's no longer sadly able to see my ramblings.  Now that I've mentioned it I expect that number to drop like a stone as people realise that they're bored with reading my ramblings!!!!  Ain't life fun - and WET!!!!

If you value this Old Git then please, please, PLEASE send some sun my way.


frances said...

Don't know about the sun but we will have the rain if you please, hasn't rained much since summer and the farmers in town are complaining. I love reading your ramblings as they brighten my day.

Jane Eborall said...

You are welcome to our rain!!! We've gone from drought to floods and too much water in two months!!! So pleased you enjoy my ramblings - it's only really the stuff I think to myself turned into words!!!

Jane McLellan said...

Good job on a rainy day! How do you un-follow a blog? I stupidly managed to make myself a follower of my own blog, and now I can't get rid of me.

I could send you some sun, but will have to avoid last night's -4 degrees C!

Margarets designer cards said...

As soon as they put us in dought mode for the wildlife the rain came, again we have had days of rain this week and I like you are fed up with it, they say we are going to have more rain tomorrow and next week. Next Saturday I am doing a summer fair they said if its wet we will be inside.

Your rumblings are interesting and from one old girl to another I am sure our rumblings do interest someone somewhere.

Have a good weekend


Jane Eborall said...

OK, Jane, let's see if I can explain how I did it. It's probably not the best way but it worked for me. First I opened my blogger dashboard (the part where you can see all the blogs you follow). Over to the top left there's a link that says 'view in google reader'. I clicked on that and reader opened in another tab. At the top of google reader there's another link which says 'The blogs you follow in Blogger have been added as subscriptions in Google Reader. You can manage the blogs you follow using the Blogger dashboard.' I clicked on this and another tab opened which is where you 'manage' the blogs you're following!!! Down the right hand side of this page are the 'settings' which allow you to unfollow a blog. This sounds terribly complicated and there must be an easier way - I just haven't found it yet!!!

Jane McLellan said...

Thanks very much, Jane, you're a star! No wonder I had such difficulty getting rid of me, but I have succeeded at last.

Lace-lovin' Librarian ~ Diane said...

We could do with a bit of rain, but I'm not complaining about the sun and the warmth at all! As for cleaning up messes... well, I've failed in that department. My tatting mess is still there, and I made the mistake of going into my sewing room. Now it's worse than it was a week ago! ; )

Carol Lawecki said...

Good day sunshine,
Good day sunshine,
Good day sunshine.
I need to laugh, and when the sun is out
I've got something I can laugh about,
I feel good, in a special way.
I'm in love and it's a sunny day.... The Beatles

I love reading your blog, never anything boring to me. Have a Good Sunshiney Day!!

Kathy Niklewicz said...

That is amazing how much rain you're having. I applaud your taking on a 'clean-up' task. I'm still finding excuses. Our entire house needs to be 'rehauled', so to speak, after 40 years of collecting 'stuff'. My craft storage room is daunting!

The good news is that there ARE so many blogging tatters out there, but I myself am guilty of not keeping up my blog (I seem to have 'blog-a-phobia' and haven't tried out the new interface yet), and sadly, am not doing that much tatting - many other things are diverting my attention right now. (Of course, I continue to attend our tatting events.) But I so enjoy reading and commenting on others' blogs (it's my stress-reliever) - and yours is right at the top, of course!

One blog I don't see on your list (I apologize if I missed it) is 'Le blog de Frivole'. She started her blog in Feb. 2011 and does excellent work! Although the blog name is French, she writes in English and lives in England.
I believe she is originally from Canada! Again, I apologize if I missed it on your blog list.

Jane Eborall said...

Thanks, Kathy. I'd got Frivole's blog on my following list but not on the page which shows some of the 200+ people that I actually do follow! I've added her now as hers is always pretty work to show others.

Crazy Mom Tats! said...

I did my own cleaning today, but that of tidying up my desk. The pile was falling on the floor!

God's Kid said...

You can have the sun from here for awhile. I got sunburned yesterday and could use a break from the heat on my sunburn. :)

ancolie said...

Hello Jane
I would like to have as much humor for you through the rain !
it's like a lid on France right now! I do not even have the courage to do the household, but, fortunately, there is tatting ;-)
I wish you a good day

Jane Eborall said...

Oh, Ancolie, it rained again all day yesterday (Monday) and like you in France it's hard to stay cheerful and do housework or anything else. Good excuse to tat, though! Today (Tuesday) it hasn't started raining yet but it is forecast for later.

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