11 June 2012

I'm a WICKED woman

I mean that.  I tease people unmercifully and sometimes they retaliate.  Read on!

On Saturday the postman came and as I rarely get any post I wasn't interested until Nick said that there was something odd about the post that had arrived for ME.  The sender was from Canada but there was an English stamp on it!!!  VERY strange.  

The package was from Kelly Dunn who I admit I tease about her being a needle tatter.  I've been desperately trying to convert her to a shuttle for years!!!  I wondered whether I should call the police or national security before opening - after all there might have been a letter bomb inside.

Well with great trepidation (I really mean excitement) I opened the package.  Took seconds as I was dying to see what was inside.  Do you want a peek?  First of all there's a pattern book.  I see that Kelly has been busy during her enforced time without work.  Well done - some lovely hearts in there.  Do hope you get a job soon, though.

Next there was some lovely tatting which is down below.  Also some 'toys' for the OG to play with too.  Thank you, Kelly.

The mystery of the English stamp was explained in a note - her family are over here in the wet, windy and cold UK at the moment so they mailed it for her.  There I was thinking there was an assassination plot ongoing!!!!


Margarets designer cards said...

What a lovely surprise, Looks a lovely book.


Jane McLellan said...

Will Kelly convert you to needle tatting, that's the question??

Lace-lovin' Librarian ~ Diane said...

What a great surprise! No tatting needles included I see. ; )

Jane Eborall said...

No WAY, Jane. Needle tatting isn't real tatting.
Diane - I don't think she'd dare send me needles!!!! I've actually got some but consider them 'devil's tools'!!!!!

Tatfully Yours said...

HOLD ON HERE!!!!!! NOT real tatting......DEVIL`S tools!!!!!! I...uhhh....I....REALLY!!! (need tea....must calm down)

Guess who

Fox said...

AHH, Kelly is up to her old tricks! Attempting to lure you into Needle-land with her wonderful wares! She has been needling me for several years... Enjoy your goodies, Jane!
Fox : ))

Tatfully Yours said...

Ok...tea is working....feeling calmer now!!! What I think is that shuttle tatters have an ``addition``. Always needing (wanting) new and different shuttles. I have heard that some of you have 50, 100, 150 of them!! And some of you feel you have to make them!!!! I have 5 needles, leaving my money free for more threads and patterns.

(I`m just teasing.....some day I may also learn to shuttle tat and become a shuttle snob too!!!)

Kelly ;))))))

Jane Eborall said...

Oh, Kelly, you make me laugh!!!! Glad you've got the extra money to spend on threads etc. I never considered that side of it!!!! I'll let you into a secret. I use my ancient Aero shuttles and nothing else. I do love collecting shuttles because they are so pretty. Aeros are boring to look at.
Oh, must add here that your tatting is wonderful and I feel very spoilt. Love you to bits and let's keep up the banter!!!!

Tattycat said...

When you take up needle tatting, please let me know before the toxic cloud from the sky falling over England can reach Alabama! Now, that was a lovely gift to receive in the post.

Jane Eborall said...

Oh, Tattycat, I tried it quite recently but it's not for me!!!! I tried it back in the 70's too when Ed and Selma Morin first brought it out in their book. There won't be a toxic cloud so don't worry!!!!

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