29 March 2019

Fleur’s heart

I have a fan. Yes, it's true. She's a darling but she doesn't know about tatting yet. 

Her family have moved into the house opposite us but have currently moved out while they're having it upgraded - plumbing, heating, windows, extensions etc. What a nightmare. Anyway she's living with mum, dad and big sister with her 'Glammy' (grandma) a few doors along the road. Apparently she gets very excited when she sees me and calls me 'MY JANE'!!!! 

When I saw the family last week Fleur was telling me that her new bedroom is opposite us at the front of the house and I've promised to wave to her!!! She also told me it was painted pink! I bet you all knew what colour I was going to say before I even opened my mouth - or tapped the keys on the keyboard!! 

So BC3 (who was getting jealous) decided that if my attention was going to be taken away to Fleur (who, by the way, is about three years old) then he'd want some himself. Thus a heart was made. More to come on this later!

28 March 2019

Coriolis - another round

Another round of the Coriolis is done. I must get this pattern up on the web site soon as it wasn't chosen for teaching at Palmetto. So many things to do and so little time, eh?

Looking at this I feel it needs a border. I'm going to experiment to see what will/will not work. The outer 'points' on the final round do 'flop about' a bit so I feel they need to be tamed. I wonder if there's a lion tamer around who could give me some advice!!!!

This is going to be quite a challenge to do, I think. I want to 'use up' all the outer picots so it'll mean 'dropping into' the dips where two motifs join. Can you see? I've a feeling it's going to keep BC3 occupied for a while. I'll try and remember to show you the experiments before I do the final border. As for colours - I think I'll use the orange from the very centre motif with a brown (as in the last row) for that. We'll see!!!

27 March 2019

More accordion pouches

Well here we go again!!! More accordion pouches. 

I've got small amounts of the Japanese fabric left from making craft tote bags and I've got enough of this small print one to make a few pouches. I think I've made two of these and there's another (Japanese) print too which I may make up eventually. 

Personally I love the red one at the top BUT I don't need anymore bags, do I? What a silly question - a gal can never ever have enough bags for 'things', can she?

I've got a few more to blog and then I will ask if anybody wants to buy through the blog. If people want me to reserve any to buy at Palmetto Tat Days then I'll put their names on them. They're going to be £10 each (plus postage if applicable). Just thought I'd let you know!!!  

All proceeds will go towards getting me across the pond in one of those flying machines!

26 March 2019

An exchange

I'm not one for doing exchanges really. I got burnt some years ago when my exchange never arrived and the person organising it felt she had to do another lot of gifts for me and that made me feel a real burden. 

I do take part occasionally in the Fringe (Canada) exchange as that one is heavily monitored by the organiser (thank you, Ruth). 

I saw on a Facebook group that Julie (who used to translate the TIAS's for the French tatters) was organising a Spring exchange so on impulse I decided to take part. 

I was very lucky and my partner was Gaelle. I sent her the flower and the sun that I blogged a week or so ago and this is what I received from her. I love the butterflies - that has given me an idea on what to use shuttle 'ends' for. The card is amazing too although Gaelle says she didn't make it. Finally another sign of Spring - a flower. That will get sewn onto one of my t-shirts. Thank you, Gaelle.

25 March 2019

Starcatcher version 2

I've finally finished working on the Star Catcher pattern which you can find here.

I really like this second version so much better than the first but that's personal I suppose.

I've uploaded the new pattern so please (if you can be bothered) have a look and have a go!!! I've added lots more drawings to make it easier.

There are two types of patterns I won't tackle (unless I'm tied to a chair and tortured) - those which are 'drawing only' and those which are 'text only'. Even if they have a picture of the finished item and I like it then I feel lost without the 'whole bundle'. 

I think that's an age thing and goes back to when I first started tatting when all you 'got' was a picture of the finished piece. That was when dinosaurs were roaming the earth!!!

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Happy Beaks

Happy Beaks
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