16 June 2012

New design part 2

Now this is what happened the next evening - I made another using decent thread which usually means I'm happy with how the design is going - nearly 'there' would be the term I'd use.

Hang on, you may well ask, (or again you may not ask and may not want to know!) where's the bead?  

I attacked it with the scissors - I DIDN'T like the way it was going and it's now got a naked middle.  Back to the 'drawing board' again.

Mentioning drawing - I never draw up potential designs until they're done as they're usually nowhere near right if I do.  I might do a quick sketch on Eazydraw if it's an animal that I'm  going to work on but that's only to get the general outline.  I NEVER do it for a motif.  Perhaps I should!!!  There again - why change the habits of a lifetime, eh?

15 June 2012

Bags - again

First today I'm going to show you the scrap bags with all the pieces pinned on.  At this stage I'm ready to throw in the towel as it never looks very good.  Changes of mind happen every five minutes too!!!

After ironing, though, the piece takes on a new 'life' and look so much better.  The next part of the process is to stitch down all the edges.  That's another two hours or so per bag!!!

The following pictures are (first at the top) - just been ironed.  All the fabric is now reasonably firmly held in place.  The Second pictures shows the front when it's been stitched down.  Finally the third picture is the back of the stitched bag.

You can see now that I'm working on several bags at once.  Well, women CAN multi task, can't they?  Even this OG manages it once in a while!!!!

14 June 2012

Starting a new design

Sally, my sister, bought a lot of shell beads a few weeks ago (see this post) and that reminded me once more about this necklace which I bought recently.

So, off I went to try something out.  The top picture was my third attempt (plain green) and it's looking - well, scruffy I think!!!  I always use threads I don't like when designing.  Well, threads that I've gone off for now so that I don't waste good and pretty ones.

Next evening I had another go at it and that's the one below.  What a MESS!!!!

More on this disaster another day!!!

13 June 2012

Beaded purse.

Before I start - Joanie has pointed out that I didn't tell you where to get the new book from.  The one I boasted about on Monday by Kelly Dunn.  Here's her email address for you to contact her.  Sorry, Kelly.

Now I'm not sure why I made this.  Honestly - that's the truth.  It's this pattern but made a little larger.

The one thing that I did try this time is to work the flap in one 'hit' too.  Ah, that's probably why I started doing the whole thing!!!  I like a small challenge!!!

I did this by using a 'whole' split chain (by that I mean just leaving a bare thread space before the last ring and then working split chain knots backwards over the bare thread) and then a split ring to travel from each row to the next on the flap.  I really love tatting just for the sake of it rather than writing things down as I go!!!!

I may make a handle for it one day - or there again, I may not!!!! 

Not sure if you can see but I've lined it with a purple lining as there's a purple tinge to the big bead - it's a carnival bead.

I suppose you could keep a couple of shuttles in it as it's about that size.

12 June 2012

The day job!!!

Now this is what I've been doing during the days for the last few weeks.  No, don't be silly - not housework.  Well, that's not strictly true as I spend a lot of energy avoiding doing it so sometimes it's easier just to 'hit the designer dust' where it hurts most.

No, what I've been doing is using up the scraps left over from making roly poly bags etc.  I have a 'thing' about throwing stuff away that may be useful so I decided to use the scraps to make what I call 'scrap bags'.

This is the start of one.  I am using that sticky back vilene or whatever it's called in your neck of the woods.  I lay the vilene down (sticky side up, of course!) and pin each piece of fabric on.  This takes roughly two hours per bag as I keep changing my mind as I go.  Plus, of course, the tatting takes an evening or slightly more too.  This one will be the size of a shopping tote - when it's finished.

BUT there's no point in getting out all the fabric and only make ONE so you might as well make a few.  Know what I mean?  Nudge, nudge, wink, wink!!!!

11 June 2012

I'm a WICKED woman

I mean that.  I tease people unmercifully and sometimes they retaliate.  Read on!

On Saturday the postman came and as I rarely get any post I wasn't interested until Nick said that there was something odd about the post that had arrived for ME.  The sender was from Canada but there was an English stamp on it!!!  VERY strange.  

The package was from Kelly Dunn who I admit I tease about her being a needle tatter.  I've been desperately trying to convert her to a shuttle for years!!!  I wondered whether I should call the police or national security before opening - after all there might have been a letter bomb inside.

Well with great trepidation (I really mean excitement) I opened the package.  Took seconds as I was dying to see what was inside.  Do you want a peek?  First of all there's a pattern book.  I see that Kelly has been busy during her enforced time without work.  Well done - some lovely hearts in there.  Do hope you get a job soon, though.

Next there was some lovely tatting which is down below.  Also some 'toys' for the OG to play with too.  Thank you, Kelly.

The mystery of the English stamp was explained in a note - her family are over here in the wet, windy and cold UK at the moment so they mailed it for her.  There I was thinking there was an assassination plot ongoing!!!!

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