20 February 2016

Beaded Shuttle

Today I've managed to get my act together and finally upload the shuttle design that I did for the Fringe Element lessons last September. This is a derivation of the one I did before and if you go to the web site and to the Motifs and Snowflakes section you'll find the original sitting right next door to the new beaded one!!! 

It may sound easy to 'just add beads' when designing but you know me - I don't like cutting and tying after each round and wherever possible will design in one 'hit'!!!!

Anyway, here's the link in case you want to try it at any time. I think it would make a lovely brooch but I haven't 'quite' got round to doing that, yet.

18 February 2016

Two hearts

A friend 'round the corner' sent me a text a couple of days ago asking if I'd make her a couple of hearts to give as gifts. I'd given her one at the bunting making session a few weeks ago. I asked her what colours she'd like and she said one in silver and one in purple. 

The purple is some of Eda's thread (think it's Penny) which I HWT'd with another fine purple thread (origin unknown!). The silver is one of the Altin Basak range which is called Nakis Simi and again that's wound with another fine filament. I really like the Nakis Simi. So, both done and dusted as the saying goes!!!

17 February 2016


People say that some things 'breed like rabbits'!!! Well they're certainly breeding in Tat Land!!!

So far we've got 56 of them on the Tat It And See blog which is here.

Wonder if there'll be any more before the end of the week?

16 February 2016

Lovely surprise

A hanky. A pretty, pretty little hanky.

Now you're dying to know where this came from, I'm sure. Well it came with my latest copy of the Handy Hands newsletter. That's where it came from.

Now, about 35 years ago when there used to be a market stall on the Friday market which stocked hanky blanks I bought a load. In those days they were like hen's teeth and really hard to find. I've gradually worked down my stock of these although I do have a few left. I'm now no longer 'liking' them as a lot of them need to be 'squared off', cut down slightly and re-hemmed to make them useable. It's really nice to have a hanky like the one below which is beautifully hemmed and just 'ready to go'. I'll be looking through my stash of Lizbeth 80 soon to find the 'right colour' to use on it. 

Of course with the Newsletter came a chart of all the Lizbeth colours and the books that Handy Hands stock too. That company knows how to keep an old git happy for hours studying it!!!!!

By the way - I'm not an employee of Handy Hands but have been lucky enough to have had a colour or two chosen by them for the Lizbeth range. I think that's why I get the newsletter and it's a lovely surprise when it pops through the door. I rarely, rarely get post nowadays as I do everything online so a big, big letter like that is cause for celebration. Well, Nick celebrates too as it keeps me quiet!!!!

15 February 2016

Good news

Well, I think it is!!!

I remembered to re-stock my shop on Saturday. The poor old Etsy shop has been neglected for a month or so while I've been busy 'playing' rabbits!!!

Here's the link to the shop - please feel free to browse.

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Happy Beaks

Happy Beaks
I beg your pardon? I didn't quite catch what you said.