28 August 2010

Never on a Sunday

I never post on a Sunday!!!  Why?  Well I'm not really sure.  Habit, I think!!

So it's Saturday today and I'm going to tell you some news.  

On Monday I'm going to list a new batch of Pop a Bobbin shuttles in my Etsy shop which is here.

I'm going to list them at roughly 5pm British Summer Time (BST).  If you want to work out when that is in your 'neck of the wood' then I suggest you go to this link.  I'm hopeless over time zones!!!!

I'll give your another reminder on Monday morning when I put out my usual post. Meantime, check your Paypal account, get out the chocolates and be ready.

27 August 2010

Spot the difference!!!

Bet you can't.  

If you look at the two snowflakes below I think you'll find they look the same.  NO, not talking about the colours or the beads.   I'm talking stitch count and look of the actual pattern etc.

The one at the top which has the 'mainly green' theme is the first of the pair and is like the ones I've shown you already.  The one below which has more orange is what I think of as a 'non wobbly' version.

One thing I really, really don't like about designs is when a tatter with looser tension ends up with a 'floppy' piece and then isn't happy with the results.  One of the things designers can do to help prevent this is to make sure that elements are 'anchored' to each other at crucial points.  OK, it may mean a tad more concentration from the worker and a considerable amount of extra work for the designer but I feel the trouble is well worth the end result.  

Can you see what I mean?  

A few extra very small picots placed strategically in certain places can help the design to become 100% more stable and need (hopefully) no blocking.  

That's, of course, before the horse has bolted.  Get it?  Stable, horse, bolted?!?!?  YIKES, sick joke time again.

26 August 2010

Time to play, play, play

I had my copy of Martha's More Critters on the Block last week and asked two of the grandkids what they wanted.  

I suggested the butterfly for Abbi as I REALLY wanted to make that BUT she wanted an elephant.  Not a grey elephant but a pink one.  It had to be pink.

Nathan wanted a lion so I returned to Martha's New Critters on the Block book to make that.

So, we  have the sweetest hephalump from Martha's new book and the lion from her first book.  Haven't decided yet whether to cut and fringe the lion's mane or not.  All these decisions - too, too much to bear!!!!

25 August 2010

More bags just listed!!

Don't go now!!!  Please read on!!!  I know it's more blooming bags but they are my passion and while I'm 'in the mood' I will sew!!!!  Here are the latest three sets!!!

All tatters love to EAT chocolate when they tat and now I can offer chocolates  you can put your tatting IN!!!!  I love this print.  

Also just listed is the fabulous 'purple paisley' set below and another purply floral one too.  For the first time I've got several purple prints for the 'purply people' amongst us!!!

So, later today I'm going to sew, sew, sew.  I've got a few fabrics pulled out of my lovely stash already to play with, including some more of the chocolate print.  

It's rather like tatting a new pattern - you're never quite sure what it'll look like when it's finished - least I'm never sure!!!

24 August 2010

New Lizbeth colours

I have such very kind friends who live over the pond and who keep me well supplied with every tatter's dreams - threads, beads etc.

Yesterday this package arrived from Sue Anna.  Inside were supplies of five of the new Lizbeth threads and a skein of Yarnplayer's rhubarb pie.  Also a lot of the Ez-bobs which are almost impossible to find in the UK.  

Now I have a HUGE problem - where and which to start with!!!  I know what I want to make but not sure which threads to use!!!  

All these life changing decisions, eh?  What AM I to do?

Answer - dive in and start!!!!

23 August 2010

Another set - listing today!!!!

Here's another which needs listing!!!  

Elizabeth sent me the fabric and I have a set of my own.  I tend to work with fabrics I love as that's what keeps me motivated!!!

There's enough left even after this one so I may make another set or I may make something else with it!!!  

I'll list this set in Etsy today.   

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Happy Beaks

Happy Beaks
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