24 July 2009

Last one - I promise

I'm in limbo with designing at the moment. Don't all cheer!!!

I do have one quite exciting one on it's way but I want to add more to it so it'll not get finished til September/October.

The other is barely started but it's buzzing well with brain cell # 3.

During this period I'm test tatting some of my older patterns and 'modernising' them. Thanks to the 'wayback machine' I've managed to track this pattern down to it's approximate birth in 2002.

I've also updated the pattern on my site too - see link in the side ba
r to my home page. It's called 'Celtic Motif 1'. I unpacked the new thread from my suitcase to make this one. Sadly the scanner doesn't do this thread justice. It really, really sparkles.

23 July 2009

Silver and Gold again

This is a bookmark I've made using the silver and gold together again.

The pattern is here. I love the way the picots stand up so well with this thread. I'm not a 'picoty' sort of person but I added an extra one to this pattern 'just because' of the thread!!!

You really need to see this thread to appreciate the way it sparkles!!

22 July 2009

3D earrings

I just love earrings BUT I'm fussy and like them to be very robust and not bend!! So I tend to stick to the same tried and tested patterns!!

This time I thought I'd try something different and here's the result.

Couldn't decide which photo to use so I'm putting both here!!
The pattern is really easy and one day I'll get round to putting it on my pattern site. IF anybody wants the 'text only' pattern then do shout.

There are three rounds (after a SCMR) on the upper motif and two rounds on the lower one. The rest is just playing with beads.

Which reminds me - there are only 25 beads added to the shuttle threads. The rest are 'added as you go'. Makes for a fast earring. Of course you may want to make them with just the one motif too!!!!

Ah, before I go!! My sister pointed out to me that there was an enormous boo boo on yesterday's motif. Thanks, Sally, I hadn't noticed. I'll just use that one to show people the thread - it will never go to a new home!!!

21 July 2009

Another motif

I've now played a little with the silver and gold together (see, Joanie, it does work!!!!).

Here is a small motif worked with them.

This pattern for this motif can be found here. I may find a bangle to put it in as it sparkles so much in the sunlight. That's IF the U.K. ever sees the sun again!!!!

20 July 2009

A true story about a naughty lady!!!

This is a true story about a naughty lady!!

First of all you'll need to know her name but I'm going to get you to guess until the end of this post!!!

This lass sent me three spools of thread about two weeks ago. I've so far tried the one out (that's the bronze metallic I've been waxing lyrical about) and as you've already guessed - I LOVE IT. So, I ordered more.

Now as this lass lives in the UK I rang her up to ask for more thread (silver and gold). First of all I had the usual 'silly' conversation with her DH first!!! I then spoke to her and said that I intended to take the bronze spool with me to Palmetto Tat Days in September so that anybody and everybody there could take some and try it out for themselves.

The spools I ordered duly arrived on Saturday morning. The reason I call her a 'naughty lady' is that she'd put yet ANOTHER spool in for me to take to Palmetto as well!!! So, if you want to test tat this thread then stop me and take some at the Palmetto Tat Days.

The lady's name? Bet you've guessed by now
but here's the link!!!

19 July 2009

Thanks for the help

Just a quick post today as I've nothing really to show. Now that doesn't mean that I've not done anything but it needs 'assembling' so you'll have to wait until tomorrow!!!!

I want to say thanks for all the ideas and comments on yesterday's blog.

LadyDoc - many thanks to you. As a result I did get out brain cell # 3 and found my login and password for site meter and reinstated it on my pattern pages.

To be perfectly honest I was very chuffed when I first put it on years ago but when it stopped working some months ago (thanks, Gina for pointing out that it might have been an upgrade or something that caused it to stop working) I just didn't bother to look into the 'whys and wherefores'!!!!

My weekly reports kept coming in saying nobody had visited the site!!! Heck, I didn't believe that!!

Oh, news on my janeeborall.com url!!! It's not a sex site anymore!!! It's now giving links to tatting and other lace related pages. This is still NOTHING to do with me!!! The plot thickens!!!

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Happy Beaks

Happy Beaks
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