19 July 2009

Thanks for the help

Just a quick post today as I've nothing really to show. Now that doesn't mean that I've not done anything but it needs 'assembling' so you'll have to wait until tomorrow!!!!

I want to say thanks for all the ideas and comments on yesterday's blog.

LadyDoc - many thanks to you. As a result I did get out brain cell # 3 and found my login and password for site meter and reinstated it on my pattern pages.

To be perfectly honest I was very chuffed when I first put it on years ago but when it stopped working some months ago (thanks, Gina for pointing out that it might have been an upgrade or something that caused it to stop working) I just didn't bother to look into the 'whys and wherefores'!!!!

My weekly reports kept coming in saying nobody had visited the site!!! Heck, I didn't believe that!!

Oh, news on my janeeborall.com url!!! It's not a sex site anymore!!! It's now giving links to tatting and other lace related pages. This is still NOTHING to do with me!!! The plot thickens!!!


Unknown said...

That is fabulous news on the janeeborall.com url! I'll update my blog post on that whole fiasco!

Glad to hear you're able to get the sitemeter working again on your pattern pages.

Fox said...

Some frisky folks will be very upset and rather mystified!! Maybe lace is kinky in some circles? Funny! : )) Fox

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Happy Beaks
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