14 July 2023

Leftover cats

Yesterday I told a lie. I apologise. I said that all the cat fabric was gone but when I was tidying up I found there were four left on tiny scraps of fabric!!!!

So I experimented with ‘half cats’ (or even less than half) and found that if I put them onto the iron on batting ‘stuff’ then used the scraps of black lining I had leftover from the box and used a very narrow zig zag stitch I could make some little ‘dangly’ cats!!! 

Nothing wasted in this house!!!!

13 July 2023

Ta de dah!!!

Blow the trumpets and bang the drums!!!! It’s finished.

It’s not the ‘best’ piece of sewing I’ve ever done but the person it’s been given to seems pleased with it. I loved that cat fabric but it’s now ‘all gone’. 

I haven’t got any sewing planned at the moment - the table is ‘almost’ tidy so I’ll have to get BC3 thinking about the next adventure. 

I have a glorious piece of fabric that I want to make a ‘floaty’ sort of kimono or waterfall thingy (jacket?) out of but as yet I’ve not had the courage to start. I really don’t want to buy a pattern as I think it’ll be pretty straightforward. Perhaps I should just do a ‘go with the flow’ project with it? Suggestions are welcome.

12 July 2023

The cat box progress

Remember this project? Well I haven’t forgotten it but heat and a busy life got in the way for a while!!! 

This is a ‘make it up as you go along’ project and it seems to be going quite well. The box part is almost finished and these pictures show the lid being constructed. I found some iron on sort of batting stuff in my stash and had enough for the sides, bottom and lid. 

11 July 2023

Sock it to me!!!

Off on another adventure!!! I have a ‘client’ for socks in the family, I’m delighted to say. Like gloves - I like knitting socks but this time I wanted to knit them t’other way up. Starting at the toe and going upwards. 

Now Sue has been a huge help with sending me lots of free patterns and ideas/advice and my knitting group have chipped in too. 

This was my second ‘start’ as the first one left me with a very narrow toe bit. 

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Happy Beaks

Happy Beaks
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