13 December 2008

Brain cell # 3 returned!!!

Yup, he came home just as I reached the ATM!!!!! What a relief!!! Money extracted from said machine and parted with shortly after!!!

I managed to meet and greet the new garage door, signed papers, got home late afternoon and then crashed with a gin and tonic followed by a glass and a bit of red wine.

So, no tatting but the future's looking rosy for new ideas. I feel the sap rising!!!!

12 December 2008

Teasing time!

Yesterday one of the last of the problems I've had over the past few weeks was solved when I bought a garage door!!! The excitement was intense (I joke!!!). On the way back from this wonderful adventure I had to visit the ATM to get cash to pay the guy tomorrow. Have you ever had a major brain freeze? Well I did yesterday while standing in front of the ATM. I forgot my pin number. Yup, totally and utterly forgot it!!!! Went to another machine with another card and again forgot the number. That machine swallowed my card. Bummer.

I blame the stress of the last few weeks and the fact that brain cell # 3 has been on his annual vacation!!!

Well, having said all that, I'm now going to show you something I'm working on. I would like to ask what you what this shape reminds you of. Don't worry about the 3 'odd looking' picots on the outside. They are there for a reason. This is just part of a pattern I'm working on!!!!

10 December 2008

Look what a Leprechaun sent me!

Look what came in the post yesterday. WOWWEEEEE. That is some stonkingly pretty thread. Can't wait to play with it.

The card is actually much 'goldier' than the scan shows.
LOVE the snowflake too. Now that I've scanned it on the card (handmade too) I'm going to take it off and (hopefully, if we find it!) put it on the tree. Which begs a question - where is our tree?

Thank you, Pamela Myers, my favourite Irish Leprechaun. Now, could somebody please send me some playtime?

9 December 2008


I can't remember when I saw this blog page but it must have been a week or so ago. My brain (ALL of the cells) went into turmoil. Can you imagine the work that went into these?

Yesterday I didn't tat at all. No, I'm not ill. Well, not in the normal sense of the word. I'm just SO lacking in sleep. The hassles I've had the last five weeks are slowly being resolved but each day or two another new 'worry' becomes a 'hassle' that has to be dealt with. By the beginning of this week all should be resolved, I sincerely hope!!!

I then want to return to some patterns that I've been playing with to submit for the Palmetto tat days next year. Hopefully this 'silly season' I've been going through financially too will finish and I'll be able to save up to take the trip over the pond. Meanwhile once brain cell # 3 is fully rested I will continue with documenting and putting the page together for the dangly flower. I've nearly got the drawings done and the text is sound. Putting the page together doesn't take too long but there's always one thing I don't like doing - adding the abbreviations. Don't ask why - it's just one of those things I avoid every time!!!

8 December 2008

Whooops!! I forgot!

When life eventually gets back to normal (hopefully before Christmas) then I may be able to remember things again!! What I forgot to mention is that I gave the new animal jacket an 'airing' at the Lace Fair. I was worried that it wouldn't be comfortable - but it was!!

Below is another of the flowery SCMR bookmarks that I finished yesterday evening. I'm actually starting to like it!!! I think it's because of the colours I've used this time.

7 December 2008

Meeting tatting friends etc!!!

Yesterday I went to the Lace Day which is held about twenty miles away from me. Being a nervous driver and a real 'home bird' my attendance at these types of events is quite rare!!!! BUT I needed to go and meet friends and LOOK AT threads, beads etc. Hmmm, did I say 'look'? My purse is now empty!!!

The meeting with friends was great. I met up with Jennifer Williams - the new chairman of the
Ring of Tatters, (also an excellent designer who hides her light under a bushel) and other friends - including one who nearly didn't get there - need I mention your name Eileen? Story goes that Eileen was still sound asleep when Jennifer and Julia went to pick her up. Wish I was sleeping so well lately, Eileen - can you give me some tips?

I also saw Pam Palmer - a lady who I admire greatly. I did drop a hint that we'd all love another book from her but ......... Keep your fingers crossed everybody.

Lyn Morton of
Tatting and Design along with her DH was there with her supplies and I bought some silver thread to make some wings with. She told me that her new book would be out next year. Not telling you any more as I love to tease!!!!

Roseground Supplies was also there with lots of goodies including some of the Coats Artiste range although I was really looking forward to seeing the range what I did see was disappointing (colour wise) apart from the variegated lavender which is really pretty.

Mary Helen - another supplier was there too. She doesn't have a web site but I can thoroughly recommend her - look in the Ring of Tatters newsletters for her details.

I took my Teri Dusenbury turtles to show off and they were much admired. By the way, mentioning Teri, have you visited her blog lately? Well worth seeing what she's up to. Teri's recommended c-lon thread for tatting with and I found some at the Fair. Can't wait to try it out.

Yes, I did buy more thread and a few beads too. Well, a girl (translate that to old git!!!) has got to have fun, hasn't she?
When I finally got home (via picking up a lawnmower and meeting my sister) I was WAY too tired to tat. I hope to start sleeping again soon so that I can get back to finally uploading the 'dangly flower' pattern and other stuff!!!

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Happy Beaks

Happy Beaks
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