5 April 2019

To edge or not to edge

That is the question!!!! Got to get my bit of Shakespeare in from time to time!!!

This is the Coriolis mat which I showed you last week. 

Putting an edge on anything isn't as easy as you'd think. You can see in the top picture that I've tried several different ideas and I had already decided that I'd need to 'dip' into the spaces between motifs. On the top picture you'll see that I've done really simple SCMR's to get the depth to try and keep the edge straight.

In the second picture (and using the same stitch counts for the rings and chains) you can see that I've done a very different SCMR. In fact I've replaced two with just one SCMR and made it slightly more 'fancy'!!!! Keeping all fingers crossed that it works out. Now I've got to snip off both edgings and start again as I don't like the colours I've used. The top picture's colours weren't a serious contender!!!! I did think the orange may work but I've changed my mind!!!!

4 April 2019

Egg on toast anybody?

No? How about an egg for Easter!  Sadly not a chocolate one!!

I managed to finish it and get it up on the website.

3 April 2019

Grace’s heart

Well you can't give a child something without giving it's sibling a present too.

This is the heart I've made for Grace (Fleur's big sister) and here's the link to Fleur's heart.

As you can see I've made this one slightly different using purple beads because Grace told me she liked purple when we were discussing colours we liked.

I've now got to find frames and add something to the hearts to make it a 'proper' picture. I'll be back to bore you with this project sometime soon!!!!

Meanwhile whilst I’ve got this pattern on my BC3 I will update it with added diagrams.  Watch this space!!!!

2 April 2019

All about eggs!

Now I'm in a ‘consortium’ which rescued 8 chickens from appalling conditions and have given them a new life at a local community area. We (the chickeneers) take it in turns to look after them which can be a pain in the cold, wet and windy conditions of winter.  Currently the two OG’s who live in this house are overrun with real eggs as the ‘gals’ are laying very very well.

Anyway, I really need to talk about tatted eggs rather than drowning in the real ones.

This is a new egg idea I'm working on and as Easter is coming up, I believe, I need to get a move on with it. Hope to have it uploaded by the end of the week - will keep you posted!!!

The top one isn't really 'eggy shaped' according to my favourite critics so the second one is what I'm working on at the moment.  

1 April 2019

Gloucester Tatting Day

On Saturday I went to the tatting day that Linda organises in Gloucester. Splendid group of ladies and this time in a new venue which proved to be more like meeting in somebody's room at home. It had a lovely atmosphere and it was easier to move around and talk to people. 

Barbara from Tatting and Design was there and we were able to pre-order anything we wanted from her which was a great idea. The room wasn't large enough for her to bring all her stock but I think that pre-ordering worked well and I got myself a new ball of black thread - in case another animal idea occurs to BC3!

Kate brought along about 12 or more shuttles that somebody had given her. She had no idea what they were. I took photos of two of them and it's the first time I've handled a Mauchlin shuttle which was a treat in itself. When I told her a rough value of the shuttles she was gobsmacked. A good start to a shuttle collection and the (probably ivory) cream one is also to die for.

There was one other that I wish I'd taken a photo of too which is a black (probably ebony) with flowers. Here's a link to one of two that I have.

I wish I'd told her they were worth nothing and that I'd buy them off her for a pound!!!!! Good job I'm an honest soul!!!

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Happy Beaks

Happy Beaks
I beg your pardon? I didn't quite catch what you said.