23 June 2012

These things are sent to try us

I'm SOOOO fed up with BT.  They're our isp and they suddenly sent this message which you can read below.  This means that EACH and EVERY one of my files has to be changed on my web space.  

A few years ago I decided to buy space on freeservers for the excess files which wouldn't fit on the BT free space but I kept the main home page with BT.   Now I've got to change every darn link in every file.  

Fortunately I did upload the entire site to freeservers when I first bought in so at least I can find stuff there - with a bit of 'research'.  Now every image, home page link, other links and all the footers have to be changed too.  I'm also cross as it does appear that they'll give us very little final notice so I need to get it done quickly so I can find the links on BT easily to 'match' to freeservers.

Soon you'll see a message on the BT front page saying that I'm moving but I want to get more done before I do that.  I've done the animal section (that's taken almost three days) and I'm going to go down the site in a logical order except that I've not done the Tips and Techniques section as there aren't any images to link to - I'll leave that until last!!!

So, please if you're interested do bookmark this page as my new home page while I slowly and painfully work my through.  At a guess there are roughly 300 files that need 'attention' and I can get probably 8 done in an hour!!!  If you find links that are wrong in the animal section then please let me know.  I'll update you on progress.

22 June 2012

After the scrap bags - more!

Now you've seen the larger shopping/tote style bags and now (sadly for you!) you're going to see what happened next!!!

This one is a simple box shaped bag with a fold over flap - like a messenger bag.  I like it lots (ideal for carrying a phone and an ipod touch when walking) which is really what it was made for - but.  It's not quite right for me.  It's perfectly made but there's something about it which isn't 'quite me'!!!

Don't worry - it won't be thrown away as it'll become a gift for somebody or even, maybe, a part of a giveaway sometime in the future.  I just love to play!!!! 

21 June 2012

More on the shuttles

Now I expect most of you out there in Tat Land know about Handy Hands and their offer of 25 free balls of thread if a colour suggestion is chosen for the Lizbeth thread but what you may not know yet is Barb's latest offer which I for one am thinking HARD (ooooh, brain cell # 3 is HURTING big time) about too.

She's offering a full set of the Aerlit shuttles (see this post) for suggestions on what to call the colourways.  Below is her last message to me and pictures of the colours.

"I have attached the colors the color on the left is the shuttle color and color on the right is the bobbin color. We are looking for names for the combination so if someone comes up with a name they will win a full set of ALL the colors. There you can see we have some named mint chocolate."

I've added them all below including the already named set (mint chocolate is second one down) so that you can see the colours and a good idea of the sort of name that Barb's looking for.  

PLEASE don't try too hard cause I want to win a set!!!!!  Mind, I'll have to give brain cell # 3 a rest after this - he's working SO hard on it.  If you come up with a suggestion then please email Barb - her address is here.  

Here's another post about the Aerlit shuttles too.  I didn't know that Ambitatterous was testing too!!!

Seriously - good luck to all of you. 

20 June 2012

Fantastic shuttle news

Not Pop A Bobbins, sorry.

No, this time I'm showing you the prototype new Aerlit shuttle from Handy Hands which will be available in the Autumn (translation to American - Fall).  Barb has spent a lot of time and effort finding a supplier to make a replacement for the original Aero Made in England shuttle.  She very kindly sent me a couple to try out last week.  These (as you will see - cause you're all clever) are black but they are going to be in colours which will be fantastic when working with two shuttles.  I have resorted to a 'blob' of sharpie on the shuttle I use as shuttle 1 just to try to remember which is which when I'm using England Aeros!!!  What pure joy it will be to have different colours and us bobbin shuttle users will be able to play catch up with all the post shuttle people who have Starlit, Clovers, Sew mate and other 'varieties' of shuttles to play with.  You will no longer be able to brag about colours over us boring bobbin shuttle users - so THERE!!!

Now I set off with great enthusiasm on Friday to try the pair out.  They were stiff but the feel of them is EXACTLY like the original Aero England.  By Sunday I'd changed bobbins (yes, Barb sent spares) and now they work just as I like them.  Actually I don't think the stiffness has anything to do with the bobbins - the shuttles just had had no work experience until I got them put 'out to work'!!!  There's just enough tension on the thread and no screeching noise when I pull it.  I'm totally and utterly in LOVE.

When I mentioned this initial stiffness to Barb she did say other test tatters had found the same and that they do need a little breaking in.  I'm going to start saving now for one of every colour.  Roll out the Autumn when they arrive in the USA.  I'll be there drooling and ordering.  It'll be SO hard to have to wait but I'm a patient OG.

19 June 2012

Roundabout motif part 3

So, after I'd killed the last trial it was a case of starting again in the middle!!!  After another evening or two I came up with this.

Next problem was 'what do I call it' so I asked Sally who suggested it looked like a roundabout - the sort you see in Children's playgrounds.  So it's got a name now!!!!  Quite nice when you've got a name, isn't it?  Now to tackle the drawings and getting the text and drawings put together.

After that a space of a few days to allow myself to forget how I did it and then I'll try the pattern again - to see if it makes sense to me!!!!  

18 June 2012

Final bags

OK, here they all are in all their glory.  I actually made six of them.  I kept thinking of reasons for making more every time I started sewing!!!  Fronts on the top photo, backs on the next and then the fronts of each bag.  

Note - one of the bags has no tatting on - that's for Sally so she can add her own.  I'm going to give one of the bags to the Palmetto tatters for them to do 'what they like' with to raise money for 'whatever they like'!!!!  They usually put any extra money towards their scholarship fund so that would be good.

The other four?  I have plans for those!!!!  Not telling what at the moment but you can bet they'll not go in my Etsy shop as I'm sure they'd never sell.  I'd have to ask waaaaay too much for each one to pay for the time involved - least I think I would.

Actually I've no idea what they'd be worth.  Any suggestions?  OR put this another way - what would YOU pay for one?  They're fully lined and washable.  I have a 'tamer' version of a scrap bag that I've been using for about three years now.  In fact, it's this one and it's been through the washing machine a few times too.  I use it most days!!!

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