22 June 2012

After the scrap bags - more!

Now you've seen the larger shopping/tote style bags and now (sadly for you!) you're going to see what happened next!!!

This one is a simple box shaped bag with a fold over flap - like a messenger bag.  I like it lots (ideal for carrying a phone and an ipod touch when walking) which is really what it was made for - but.  It's not quite right for me.  It's perfectly made but there's something about it which isn't 'quite me'!!!

Don't worry - it won't be thrown away as it'll become a gift for somebody or even, maybe, a part of a giveaway sometime in the future.  I just love to play!!!! 


Maureen said...

Somewhere, there will be the perfect person to match this bag to! - and maybe you can make another one for yourself in due course.

Monica said...

I love it! I will be listening attentively so I can jump at the opportunity if you decide to go the give-away course! Great!

Stephanie Grace said...

Did your cat find her way into the bag? Someone's made it a home ---and shipping even more expensive, I'm sure! O.o I LOVE the messenger bag idea and would definitely pay Hubby's other arm for this one, but I'm worried that my turtle would come face-to-face with the thing inside and lose ... or that I'd be visiting my parents and my cat would claim the bag as his own... Cats are such curious creatures!

Stephanie Grace
P.S. If it's not a cat, I'm guessing a giant squirrel, LOL.

Jane Eborall said...

Ah, Stephanie Grace - the 'something' you can see in the bag are two pieces of elastic which you can 'hook' your keys to. Not our cat or a giant squirrel!!!

Unknown said...

WOW this is cool!!!!

Luv Jane XX

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Happy Beaks
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