6 February 2016

Threads to play with

First of all - tomorrow will be day 13 BUT it's not the end.  There will be one more on Tuesday.

Here I'm showing you some more of the Abbi hearts that I made in between downloading and uploading the TIAS days!!! It's kept me busy this past month!!!! 

These two are again made from Edda's threads which Sue sent me. My order from Edda has now arrived but I'll use the samples first - as the saying goes - waste not want not!!! The top thread is Heart Sunlight 60 in silver and the one below is Master.

5 February 2016

Day 12

Here is the link for day 12 of the TIAS.  Only two more days to go!  Not sure yet when I'll post those.

Meanwhile my sister (Sally) hasn't had time to take part in the TIAS.  As you know (some of you) I do have a love of jigglies.  That's what I call the little solar objects that I first found on a trip to America a few years ago.  They are not so easy to find here in the UK but the dollar stores usually have them in the U.S.A.  

Anyway, I digress.  Sally found me a jiggly which is on it's way to my house today (or tomorrow).  Can't wait to introduce this rabbit to the others on my windows.  We have sash windows and they sit on the ledge that slides up and down - WHEN we have hot weather.

4 February 2016

Name and shame

I name and shame Sue Hanson.

I've told and told and TOLD BC3 - NO MORE THREADS. Does he listen? Well, some of the time but not when it comes to spending my money!!!!

Sue mentioned Edda's threads which you can find on this link and, of course after her report on how well they work up, I had to have some!!!!

Sue kindly sent me some samples before the threads arrived from Italy (still waiting for them to get here) so I had to have a go myself!!

Here are my first two. 

The top one is done in Master brown. Think that's what the thread is called! The second one (LOVE the sparkle) is also Master.

3 February 2016

Flowery Cross

Having done the one cross (see Monday's post) I decided I was bored with that so chose the Flowery cross instead this time.

The thread I'm using again is one of the few glittery ones I really, really like. It's an Altin Basak and is called Nakis Simi.  I got mine from Tatting and Design who can be found here.

1 February 2016

Iona Cross

At the moment life is a bit different. We have a car which I use most of the time which isn't often!!! I use it when I have a big shop to do, sometimes for visiting friends and also for going to Crafternoon in Alcester.

The pavements and road outside our house has been diabolical for ages and a lot of people walk up and down to and from the train station, schools, a college etc. Finally the County Council decided they'd had enough of me taking pictures of potholes and posting them on Facebook and that they really ought to do something about it. The pothole pictures kept me amused as I planted plants in them, had ducks swimming in them and then finally a Christmas tree.  To be honest I'm sure it had NOTHING to do with me at all!!!!

The past two weeks (and for at least the next two) the workmen have been digging up the paths and laying us new ones. I asked a couple who live about ten minutes away if I could leave our car on their driveway and they kindly said 'yes'. 

In order to pay them back for this I've found out they're great church goers. A place I avoid at all costs!!!! I decided that I'd make them a little cross each so here's the first one. It's the Iona cross which can be found here.

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Happy Beaks

Happy Beaks
I beg your pardon? I didn't quite catch what you said.