14 August 2020

Sidetracked once again!!!

This time I can name and shame the person responsible for the start of this distraction!!!  It's Sandra!!  
Now Sandra's been pretty isolated since lockdown and has taken up knitting with a vengeance and has come across lots of patterns for hot pads or dishcloths or whatever you like to call them.  I've made a few over the past couple of months of which this is just one.  I must find the others and show you as they're all different.

Now to a story.  Many years ago when Nick and I were in America we spotted these hanging from people's appliances and places round their kitchens.  I'd never seen them back here in England but I managed to get a few while we were over there.  Very useful for wiping the fingers on when you're cooking!  

So, after the hot pad phase I've decided it's the hanging dish towel phase which will  happen next!!!  Here's my first one.  Can you see that it's 'not quite' finished?  I've got the thread (on the bobbin) and the button ready to sew on but will it actually happen this side of Christmas?!!??  I'll let you guess - yes or no!!!!

13 August 2020

Margriet six seven eight

I'm still working on Margriet and  have just completed rounds six, seven and eight so I haven't a lot to say today!!!  

Who did I hear cheering in the background?  

12 August 2020

A name already!!!

The new design by the nun doesn't have a name in the book.  I wonder why they rarely named their work? Perhaps they're a bit like me - I struggle to name my work too!!!!

This one is going to be called Margriet after another of Queen Juliana's children.

Below are rounds four and five.

11 August 2020


Well in spite of and despite my wandering brain (and hands!) I've managed to finish it at last!!!  There's something really relaxing about this design which appeals to my little mind.  

This is where I learned this technique from and thanks to this I've now made three of the blankets and have little yarn left.  Now, of course, this means I have a GOOD EXCUSE to buy more yarn!!!!  Who doesn't need that?  These will go to a care home when they've been washed and dried.  Actually, as I type, they're having a whirl in the machine!!!!

One thing I would add to the knitting squirrel's design is to firmly remind the person who starts a blanket to mark  the first square!!  I didn't on the first blanket and it caused a lot of grief!!!  I think I'm now an expert at this type of blanket!!!

Oh, the blanket is square - I promise.  I was trying desperately to not get my shadow in the picture!!!!

10 August 2020

A 'not' Moaning Monday!!!

Bet you were all wondering what today's moan was going to be about!!!  Well there's nothing that I can think of today!!  Did I hear a big sigh of relief?!?!?  Cheering even?

I missed quite a few blogging days last week but that was because I was deeply engrossed in this new doily that I've been working on.  It's another from the little Dutch books and again features lots of spiral tatting.

Here are rounds 1, 2 and three

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Happy Beaks

Happy Beaks
I beg your pardon? I didn't quite catch what you said.