23 August 2014

A little heart

Just feeling in the mood for small projects as I'm at that 'can't settle' stage before the trip over the pond!!!!

I thought I'd try the Flurry Heartache out to see if I could improve on it or even follow it myself!!!! This time I didn't use beads as it's for another project - perhaps and maybe that wouldn't work with beads. I MISS my beads. 

22 August 2014

Purple green bauble

Time for another bauble. Oh, yes, I'm still making them!!! I've not put the Houtz book away since I got it. It sits by the side of my chair in Tat Corner!!!!

Not sure I really like the orange beads with the purple and green but they really make a statement - even if it's a bad statement!!!! 

I know what went 'wrong' here - I was too lazy to get off my backside to go and find more beads!!!!  Oh well, I suppose the answer is to make another bauble!!!!!  Any excuse!!!

21 August 2014

Nathan bracelet

Having made this bracelet for Abbi I had to make a boy's one for Nathan too!!!

Of course being a boy it had to be fairly plain but strong too. This is the solution I came up with - a simple interwoven split ring one rather like the centre of this bracelet.

He was delighted with it, thank goodness, and he's a real 'boy's boy' and heavily into 'men things' already.  

19 August 2014

Another new offering for the Exclusive club.

Jacee is back once more with another offering for the Exclusive club. I've a feeling that she's even more addicted to the Houtz book than I am.

Can you see the bauble/bobble head on her angel? Isn't it great? This is what she said:-

"Made this last night when I found something suitable for the halo above the angel's head - a gift wrapper wire in gold tone, twisted into a circle and secured on top of her head. The ends were too fiddly to finish off so I fizzed and tied them into plaits. As Faceless angel scares me to death, beads are added to make her eyes glint and her face warm with smile! Hmm...What do you think, does she look ok?"

18 August 2014

River tatting!

As some of you will know, I walk round the riverside most days. I usually post pictures of things I see which I find interesting on Facebook.  Not that I go to Facebook a lot as I'm not that comfortable there.  I post from my phone.

On Saturday I saw this boat which had rows of beads for sale hanging along the side. Well, Sue (the boat owner) was sitting there and we started talking about beads. Unfortunately there was nothing there that I needed (well, there's a thing, eh?) but we continued talking - as you do!!!!

After a few minutes she notice the tatted earrings I was wearing and we got talking about tatting. We landed up sitting on her boat with me trying to show her the basics of the knot. She was a very fast learner.

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Happy Beaks

Happy Beaks
I beg your pardon? I didn't quite catch what you said.