18 August 2014

River tatting!

As some of you will know, I walk round the riverside most days. I usually post pictures of things I see which I find interesting on Facebook.  Not that I go to Facebook a lot as I'm not that comfortable there.  I post from my phone.

On Saturday I saw this boat which had rows of beads for sale hanging along the side. Well, Sue (the boat owner) was sitting there and we started talking about beads. Unfortunately there was nothing there that I needed (well, there's a thing, eh?) but we continued talking - as you do!!!!

After a few minutes she notice the tatted earrings I was wearing and we got talking about tatting. We landed up sitting on her boat with me trying to show her the basics of the knot. She was a very fast learner.


Jane McLellan said...

An interesting encounter!

Pigmini said...

I've been tatting and lacemaking on narrowboats! Elaine Scott does it regularly too!!! I do love 'interesting encounters' lol

Ladytats said...

oh fun, and what a wonderful way to make a new friend.

Fox said...

Love it. Too bad you are not a friendlier person, more willing to talk to strangers!
: )))

rsmre said...

Very cool. If she is selling beads, tatting will be right up her alley, and you have a new tatting friend. Kudos!

Mrs. Fink said...

What self control not to buy the beads!! I am impressed!! :) Isn't tatting in/on moving objects fun?! :)

Lace-lovin' Librarian ~ Diane said...

New tatting students show up in the strangest places!

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