8 December 2012

The rest of the Fandango Button Snowflakes

Before I mention the snowflakes I must apologise that there was a missing chain between ring 3 and ring 4 on the new Doodad Box which I told you about yesterday.

I think this must have happened when I was setting the diagrams and text in the tables on the word document.  In fact it was Riet (bless her cotton socks) who told me about the missing chain and when I tried to put it right by copying another chain and pasting it in the darn thing wouldn't work.  Strange gremlins in this house at times!!  That's my excuse and I'm sticking to it - so THERE!!!!!  It's now fixed and I'd like to say a big thank you to Riet too.

So, here are some of the snowflakes all in one place.  Yawn, yawn, yawn!!!

7 December 2012

I blame several people for this!

First of all Irma who sent these.  Secondly Miranda who sent these.  Thirdly the lass who really got us all thinking about doodads again by challenging us - Diane.

I got to thinking about the doodads and wondered if anything else could be done with them that hasn't yet been thought about.  Well, actually, I sort of thought about this pattern that I did donkey's years ago.  I wondered if the same sort of thing could be made on a doodad.  Well, it can!!!  It's a whole new pattern but really, really easy as it's only rings and chains.  

Nick said 'very pretty, but why did you make it?'.  Good question - like Everest - it was 'there' (in my head!) so had to be conquered.  I know what he really meant was what on earth would you use it for!!! Well I think it would be a sweet little box for a gift for somebody.

As it measures only just over an inch in size a pretty ring or a yummy special chocolate would fit in it.  I haven't lined mine but it could be easily lined.  I leave you to decide if it's useless or if it's useful.  I'd love suggestions on what it could be used for, though!!!

Before I forget - the pattern's here!

6 December 2012

Last 3 button snowflakes

OK, now this is the last - I promise.  I may show you a couple of pictures with the whole lot together just so you can see how stupidly addicted I've been over the past few weeks.

I like the bottom one best but also the middle one in which I changed slightly how I've been working them.  For some reason I thought the best way to work the pattern was to use the plain thread on the outside as a sort of 'border'.  In the middle one I did it t'other way round and I think it looks better but maybe it's because I love that particular HDT!!!  

Who knows when you live with an entity like brain cell 3 who comes and goes with worrying regularity!!!!

5 December 2012

More of the same, sorry!

I'm afraid it's more of the same today but I'm hoping to shortly be able to share something I'm quite pleased with.   A new pattern which is very easy.  I do have a few more of the Fandango Button Snowflakes to show but I'll find something else for tomorrow - just to relieve the tedium!!!

I'm glad that yesterday's post helped a few people who may run across the problem of re-sizing photos.  Thank you for all the comments.

4 December 2012

More snowflakes and Information on Blogger photos.

Here are some more of the Fandango Button Snowflakes.  I must admit I'm still addicted to these but that is sort of beginning to wear off a bit!!!

Today I'm going to tell you how to reduce the size of photos (or scans) in your blog.  Blogger uses Picasa to store photos and there's a limit to how much storage you can have with them which is fair enough as it is, after all, free.    You can pay for more storage but for most of us in these lean times that's not something we want to do!!!  

Some people upload photos without re-sizing them which is part of blogging that a lot of people don't think about.  I've been lucky in that I've made web sites and know a bit about storage levels.  Anyway, the way to sort out the Picasa/Blogger problem with storage if you don't want to pay for more is like this.  Well, it's the way I found by 'poking around'.

First go to your Picasa album online and sign in, check your storage amount as in the first picture below - this shows the amount of storage I've got left after about six years of blogging and reducing my sizes along the way.  You can find this at the bottom of the home/first page in Picasa.
Now start the hunt for your over large photos.  You can see how big they are at the right -  picture below.  Now if it's larger than 500 pixels on either dimension I'd suggest re-sizing it.  For this you need to go to where it says 'actions' (top and slightly to left of this same picture) and pull down the drop down menu.  Choose 'edit in Creative Kit'.  

This will open up another feature in which you can see at the bottom left a link which says 'resize'. 
Now choose the size you want but don't forget to tick in 'keep proportions'.    I made mine 500 for the largest size.  Now use 'apply' and then go to the top right hand corner where it says 'Save to my album'.  Choose 'replace' and that's it!!!  Takes time to do it but will save you having to pay for more storage space OR giving up blogging!!!
Now for the boring snowflakes!!!!

3 December 2012

Oval earrings

Another shape of doodad - and another pair of earrings.  I made these a month or more ago but have only just remembered that I haven't 'blogged' them yet.

When I showed these to Sally she said 'oh, not sure about the orange and pink together'.  

It's more of a ruby colour in real life and I love the two together, sorry Sally!!!!

These are made on an oval doodad but I'm not sure if it's really worth finishing off the pattern properly as it will have limited appeal - what do you think?  Are these doodads easy to get hold of and if so does anybody want to make the earwigs?

Oh, another 'thing' while I'm thinking about it.  Some people seem to have reached their limit on pictures in blogger - this is cause a lot of their images are photographs and they take up a lot of space.  They're not allowed any more room in Picasa unless they pay.  Poor Sally was one of those who found out last week about her limit having been reached.  So after a bit of 'poking around' I found the solution.  It's not hard at all but is a bit time consuming and VERY addictive!!  If you want to know more email me - or I could do a blog post as well.  

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Happy Beaks
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