16 January 2015

15 January 2015

Yet another

Tomorrow (Friday) will be day 4 of the TIAS

Now this is another of Yarnplayer's HDT threads in size 20. 

Oh, the outer is an old Flora, I think. I'm hopeless at writing down what I've used - I apologise.

Since I've 'cured' the silly middle of the coaster/doily I really love working this pattern.  

14 January 2015

Downright theft

I've had something stolen off me again.  It doesn't often happen but when it does I get cross - VERY cross.  This time it's that wretched tooth fairy.  Now honestly, what HAVE I done to upset her?  Surely she's got enough teeth without stealing mine.  AND she didn't leave me any money - she charged ME for taking two of MY teeth.  I don't much like emergency visits to the dentist which result in the tooth fairy grabbing TWO of my teeth. She ought to get a life!!!

While the TIAS is going on I can't really settle to anything large or that will strain BC3's resources.  So I decided to have a go at the chicken wing doily as I wanted something pretty to give to a friend for her birthday. Currently I'm going through a 'number 40' phase so that's what I used for this. 

You may have noticed (or not!) that there is a slight alteration to the centre of the doily. This was because I don't like very large picots - specially ones that have to be measured (I have to make a gauge for this). I don't normally use gauges!!! So I changed both the coaster and doily patterns and they're already floating around in cyberspace in their newly changed 'state'. 

Links? Nah, go look for them!!! OK, I hear that Pigmini cursing me so here they are. Chicken wing coaster and chicken wing doily.

13 January 2015

Day 3

Please feel free to join in at any time if you haven't already sent in the first two days.

12 January 2015

5 chains and 4 rings

Day 3 of the Tat It And See will be out tomorrow - Tuesday.

Yes, that's all this doily needed to finish it. If you read this post you'll see what happened. 

Being a bit of a dozy old moo I'd set out to make the doily with Yarnplayer's pretty, oh so pretty hot pink and lime HDT. Never gave it a thought that I wouldn't have enough. That's how dozy I am. When I got to the last round I did sort of start to wonder but carried on regardless as with me - there's no going back!!!! I'm the sort of person who (when disaster strikes) think to myself - oh, heck, that's happened so let's see what is ahead and not regret whatever it is. My attitude was sorely stretched in my late 40's to early 50's when all the bad things happened within the space of four/five years but even then I used to think not of what 'might have been' but of what I could do to carry on. 

Unfortunately when you run out of an HDT and there's none in the seller's shop you tend to just push the item you're making in the drawer and try to forget. I suppose one day I may have cut off the final row but it would never have looked quite right.

As you know Marilee and Sue Anna 'bailed me out' and I've now finished the doily. I'm really, really pleased with it and it will make a great present for a special friend who loves bright colours like these.

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Happy Beaks

Happy Beaks
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