17 April 2010

New earrings!

Do you remember this necklace?  Well I used up all the tiger eye beads that Ridgewoman sent me on this necklace but was very happy with the result.

Then she sent me another package - see here.  In amongst this surprise there were some more tiger eyes which I thought I'd use for a bracelet.  BUT earrings were tempting too.  I'm very parsimonious so after a good deal of thought I realised that I could 'have my cake and eat it' if I was careful.  SO, here are the earrings.  Not quite sure when the bracelet will get made as I'm in 'earring mode' at the moment!!!!  I'm using the new display thingy that I showed you yesterday but need to experiment with it further.  It's ideal for hanging them from too - if they need stiffening!!!

Very simple pattern which I'm sure that nobody would want written down.  Just two rings, really.   Honest.

16 April 2010

A clever buy!!

There's a shop closing down in town - the recession is the reason (so they say) and they've been selling off all sorts of stuff.  It was a gift shop which had been in the same place for many, many years.

Anyway, I was wandering past on their last day and spotted odds and ends which I thought might be useful so I bought this!!!  I'd bought some other things over the previous weeks which will be useful to put tatting in - eventually.

It's a display 'thingy' for earwigs.  I hope to have some to show you on it soon.  What a buy - it cost me a whole round pound!!!

15 April 2010

More about the jacket

I  found time to take photographs yesterday so here it is in all it's 'glory!!!!  

I found a very patient model for it too - a chair!!!  Prettier than me wearing it and easier than asking Nick to take photos!!! Also it STOOD STILL!!!!
This is the front (obviously)!!!
One sleeve
T'other sleeve
The rear view - when I'm wearing it it will be my 'best side'!!!!

14 April 2010

What I'm working on at the moment!!!

Well I HATED it and hardly ever wore it.  Not sure if it was the colour, the fabric or the design but I can tell you I was never ever comfortable in it.  So it's confined to the bin (trash) or the local charity shop.

Hang on, who shouted about the animals?

They're fine, promise.  I'm currently sewing them onto another DENIM (oooooh, I LOVE denim) light blouse weight jacket which I found in our local Debenham store on Saturday.

I've been searching for three years for another similar to the gecko jacket and have 'haunted' our local Edinburgh Woollen Mill shops from where the original came.

I'll try to get a photo of the finished item later.  Nick says there are too many animals on this one but I couldn't make up my mind which ones to put on and which to leave off AND there are a few newcomers since the last jacket was made!!!!  

13 April 2010

Why I've not shown you

This is why I've not shown you anything new for a while.  I've been asked to do more strips of random tatting for Nicole - see this link.  

As you can see there were three strips needed of roughly 4 cms in width.  Each strip had to be 65 cms long.  Now in a number 80 tatting thread that's a lot of work!!!  

There are two things about random tatting which are worth noting.  Random IS random and it's hard not to repeat yourself.  Also the stricture of the width means that you have to constantly check which direction you need to be going!!!!  Nonetheless - it's fun!!!

These will go in the post today and wing their way to London.  That's the London here in the U.K!!!!!!!!

Now back to more 'normal' stuff and I will have something to show you soon.
2 close ups below

12 April 2010

The cow again!!!!

I've had such fun reading all the comments on the cow and the suggestions for her name.  Thank you SO much for popping by.  Some of the remarks made the cow's milk curdle with giggling!!!

I rather liked deanna7trees suggestion of Jaisy as it's my cow (AND I'm a silly moooo too as Tatskool and Maureen both said) but then I also loved Daisy too.  

Anne hit the proverbial nail on the head when she said that she looked like a Jersey cow as it was a picture of a Jersey that I worked from - thanks, Anne.

The unusual name of Iphigenia suggested by timneh's offspring was a close call as it was so very different.  

In the end I've decided that she will remain 'nameless' as then anybody who has the courage to make her can call her what they like!!!  

If anybody's got the time do read through the comments on the previous post - they are SO funny. 

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Happy Beaks

Happy Beaks
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