24 November 2012

All together now

Well, not quite!  One of them is missing.  No, for once not lost but 'in use'.  I've got it on my winter coat!!  It's one of the brown ones.

So, just a quick reminder that today is 'shuttle day' and that the shuttles and holders will be listed at 20.00hrs GMT.  Oh, here's the link to my shop.

This afternoon I'm meeting a group of crocheters at The Buzz cafe in town - they've shown an interest in learning to tat - I'll keep you updated on progress if there is any!!!  So, so often over the years I've gone along to these sessions in an enthusiastic mood only to find that people want instant gratification.

Still, we'll see and I'll be just as eager to get others addicted as usual.

23 November 2012

Last two buttons!

These are the last two of the large button brooches - BUT I've more buttons to show you soon.  I think they'll be ready to bore you next week.

Good news on the iMac - it arrived home yesterday and is now back in it's clean and tidy corner.  Wonder how long THAT will last - being clean and tidy, I mean!!!  

The company who did this for Apple (and me!) are called Amsys and were truly great.  You rarely get service like theirs nowadays so I think it's worth mentioning here as praise should be given where it's due.  Picked up Monday, returned Thursday with the new hard disc and all back as normal.  I did pay for my data to be restored on to the new disc and it was well worth not having the hassle of using backups to do it.

I spent all yesterday morning setting up the shuttle listings and adding a new page to the top of the blog with the post shuttles on and adding two new woods to the Pop a Bobbin page too.  Sadly they are not the best of pictures but that's mainly due to the really dull and VERY wet weather we've been having - floods all over the UK and my regular walk well under water.  I apologise for the bad photos and when and IF we see the sun before those shuttles leave the house I'll take more and replace them.

22 November 2012

Buttons, shuttles and other things

Another brown large button today but that's not really important.  What IS important is the list of shuttles that I'll be adding to the Etsy store on SATURDAY 24th November at 20.00 GMT.  Which is in English 8pm in the evening for me and a time I hope I remember!!!
Anyway, this is the list of shuttles that 'im in the garage has made and a picture of one of three bobbin holders that I have my 'mucky mitts' on too!!!

Post Shuttles
3 Ash with ladybird picture
1 Ash with sunflower picture
7 Holly with holly picture
3 Pear with pear picture

Pop-a-bobbin shuttles
5 Cherry with hooks
1 Cherry without hook
3 Laburnum with hooks
4 Sequoia with hooks
1 Sequoia without hook
1 Holly with hook
3 Eucalyptus with hooks
1 Eucalyptus without hook

Bobbin holders
3 bobbin holders (mahogany)

21 November 2012

More blue but with pink!

A slight change of colour.  Yesterday was blue and today is too but with overtones of pink too.  

Well I resolved the tidying up yesterday and moved a bit more dust over to it's new home - Nick's side of our 'office'!!!  Isn't that MEAN?!?!?  I also rang the company who have now got possession of my machine and the lass who answered the phone said that it takes five to seven working days BUT that they usually turn them round faster than that.  So, by the middle of next week my machine should be back home!!!

Now that the space is ready for it's return I'll be able to spend the next few days taking photographs and preparing another batch of shuttles etc for the Etsy shop - Sally brought them up at the weekend.  I'm THINKING of letting them go live this weekend.  Any preferences on timing?  I like Saturday as it then gives me all day Sunday to pack them etc but I'm open to suggestions!

20 November 2012

Blue is beautiful

Well I apologise but here's another of these buttons.  I'm now getting vibes from brain cell 3 who's pointed out to me that I DOOO have other things to do!!!

Well the imac went for it's new hard disc yesterday which has sadly forced me to tidy up the corner of the room where it normally lives.  WHAT a horrid task!  I'm not a house proud person - our house is a sort of a 'messy muddle' with a good layer of dust in some places which, when you think about it, serves as good insulation during these winter months.  Well, that's my excuse!!

I will be continuing with this clean up today too.  I've thrown away quite a bit of stuff but there's still more to tackle!!!

19 November 2012

Another of the button brooches

I'm on a roll with these buttons.  Can't seem to leave them alone at the moment!!! I've now got this one on my winter coat.  Admittedly I've stiffened it a bit so it doesn't get 'squashed' when I throw it down in a heap or occasionally remember to hang it up.

Isn't that what floors were made for?  To hang things on?  Please tell me if I'm wrong!

Now keeping my fingers crossed that 'they' will pick up my iMac for repair today.  It looks so sad that empty place on my work top where it usually sits.  Fortunately we found we'd still got the box it came in over two years ago - up in the loft.  Made packing it up a lot easier.

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Happy Beaks

Happy Beaks
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