22 November 2012

Buttons, shuttles and other things

Another brown large button today but that's not really important.  What IS important is the list of shuttles that I'll be adding to the Etsy store on SATURDAY 24th November at 20.00 GMT.  Which is in English 8pm in the evening for me and a time I hope I remember!!!
Anyway, this is the list of shuttles that 'im in the garage has made and a picture of one of three bobbin holders that I have my 'mucky mitts' on too!!!

Post Shuttles
3 Ash with ladybird picture
1 Ash with sunflower picture
7 Holly with holly picture
3 Pear with pear picture

Pop-a-bobbin shuttles
5 Cherry with hooks
1 Cherry without hook
3 Laburnum with hooks
4 Sequoia with hooks
1 Sequoia without hook
1 Holly with hook
3 Eucalyptus with hooks
1 Eucalyptus without hook

Bobbin holders
3 bobbin holders (mahogany)


Ladytats said...

another cute broach.
what fun, more pop-a-bobbin shuttles, and the decorated ones are very pretty.
and bobbin holders. Lucky you
Today is Thanksgiving day here in the USA.
so I am saying Thank you for being my tatting friend.

Anne said...

Hi Jane

Lovely autumnal colours for the brooch!

What height and width is the bobbin holder please?

Thanks, Anne.

Jane Eborall said...

Anne - the bobbin holders are 4" long by 2" (just under) wide. They stand about 2 1/2" high too. Hope this helps.

God's Kid said...

Love the autumn colors on that brooch! :)

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Happy Beaks
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