22 November 2014

Not quite!

Not quite what you'd think of as Christmas colours but these two work so well together that they're irresistible. I'm chugging through the snowflakes with odd 'spells' of stiffening them in between!!!

I think I need about 15 - 20 but I'll try and do a few more than that.  The problem is that I have an earring urge coming over me.  I haven't made any for a year or two mainly because I've got so many!!!

20 November 2014

Another snowflake

Sorry about yesterday's post but it takes an awful lot for me to get cross - I really don't have the energy for it but when I do I act on my feelings nowadays and face them head on. 

Well the issue that had upset me such a lot ('almost' copyright theft) seems to be slowly resolving and I hope not to have to blog about it in the future. Be sure I will and will also name names if the small thing I asked doesn't happen.

So today I have another of the Christmas snowflakes that I'm making for giveaways. I used a darker green for the inside bit just for a change.

I've quite a few to make so will be getting on with them over the next week or so.  Also I'm now chopping up the TIAS ready for 'future consumption' after Christmas!!!

19 November 2014

Too cross

I'm not posting today.  

Another tatter has made me so cross that I've got to think out a post to tell you about it.

I'll tell you all about it tomorrow.

18 November 2014

Oh dear what is the matter

What IS the matter with me? Every year I have this urge to knit. To knit socks and socks only!!! 

I usually ignore the urge but this year I gave in and got a pattern and some wool. Then there was the problem of knitting needles - none fine enough to be found in this town but I suddenly thought of the charity shops and found a set of four needles that were 'just right'.

Here are the socks. Now will I ever wear them? I doubt it very much but I got that urge out of my system and hopefully it won't return for a few years!! I did enjoy knitting them but that's led to other things - more to follow another day!!

17 November 2014

Snowflake 4

Before I start - there are still some shuttles left in the Etsy shop here.  This way of listing made life a lot easier for BC3!!!!

Right - panic is setting in. Somebody said something about a festive season coming up the other day so I thought I'd better get back to these - my giveaways for this year. 

As soon as the Mop is over in our town the local council start putting up the Christmas lights. Must admit that they are rather splendid each year and, added to that, there will be another laser light and sound display show being displayed  on Shakespeare's Birthplace. Even though we don't do much at Christmas some things are worth getting the aged body out of the armchair and out in the dark to see!!!

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Happy Beaks

Happy Beaks
I beg your pardon? I didn't quite catch what you said.