20 November 2014

Another snowflake

Sorry about yesterday's post but it takes an awful lot for me to get cross - I really don't have the energy for it but when I do I act on my feelings nowadays and face them head on. 

Well the issue that had upset me such a lot ('almost' copyright theft) seems to be slowly resolving and I hope not to have to blog about it in the future. Be sure I will and will also name names if the small thing I asked doesn't happen.

So today I have another of the Christmas snowflakes that I'm making for giveaways. I used a darker green for the inside bit just for a change.

I've quite a few to make so will be getting on with them over the next week or so.  Also I'm now chopping up the TIAS ready for 'future consumption' after Christmas!!!


GraceT said...

So sorry that it happened to you AGAIN! Hope the offender does change her ways.

Yay, TIAS is coming! :-) Thanks, Jane. :-)

TAT19540 said...

I love your snowflakes! I'll have to try this one!

Marty said...

Grumble, grumble, grumble -- it bites that you're so generous with your patterns people think they can take advantage. These snowflakes are great, by the way. I need to start making some!

Phyllis said...

Sorry that you are dealing with the subject again. Hope it quickly gets resolved. Snowflake looks great. Nice and festive. Yeah TIAS!

picotsnkeys said...

Hugs out to you! And admire you for telling us like it is.....complete with the reminder to take a deep breath before posting. I needed that!
Oh, and the snowflake is wonderful!

God's Kid said...

Nice snowflake!! :)

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