10 June 2022

Nichole’s offering!

This is a message I had from Nichole who said

”My friend Julie encouraged me to send you pics of the rats I made with her.   It’s very interesting to see the difference between hers and mine because I tatted them inside out.”

Ah, I noticed they were ‘inside out’, Nichole but they are allowed into the Excluive club as you’ve made SUCH a great effort.

8 June 2022

A New Member - part 2

This is the next part of Julie’s email (part 1 is here) and you will NOT want to miss this - especially the pictures.

The bauble creations keep coming. I now have a frilled dragon to add to my menagerie.

One of them asked me if I could make a turtle, now I had only just begun and I had made a mouse and the bee from the book, but I thought sure I will give it a try and low and behold a turtle was born. While making the turtle, I kept thinking to myself, mom likes elephants, can I make an elephant? ,so I made an elephant. Then another co-worker asked for a giraffe and it took me a little while to figure him out but I made a giraffe, actually 3 of them one to figure out the shape and then one to figure out the spots and a final one for my co-worker. Then I thought about a zebra having seen a billboard for the zoo featuring a zebra on my way to work. I started the Zebra in July 2021 and then I got covid the first time and it got put aside for some time, until Jan 2022 when I finally got motivated to finish him, however I have not had time to figure out my notes to write down the pattern for the zebra. Meanwhile I should be getting started on the rats for April will be upon me before I know it and along comes Jan 2022 and I get covid again. This time though, not as bad as the first, so I was able to work on the rats and other projects while quarantined at home. Now I have the rats made I can work on my card making skills and presentation for lab professionals week April 24-29, 2022."

Update on the tatting tale. The lab rats were well received. I have encouraged my co-worker to submit her mice pictures to you to join the fun tatting club. I hope she will. She is amazing, doing very well in such a short amount of time.
The bauble creations keep coming. I now have a frilled dragon to add to my menagerie.”

All I can say is WOW to all of Julie’s work and a big thank you as well.

7 June 2022

A new member - part 1

Now I really think that Julie should have her own Exclusively Exclusive Tatting Club all to herself.  I really, really was stuck for words when I saw her work.  This is some of what she said - part two tomorrow,

"My tatting project,
It has been almost a year in the making. It started last April. I noticed a flyer on the door of the phlebotomy room at work announcing Lab professionals week. Unfortunately I did not see it or hear about it until Thursday of that week. It got my creative juices flowing and I wanted to do something special to honor the lab professionals at our facility. They all are great co-workers and friends. They like to laugh and joke so I wanted to make something with a play on the word lab. I decided I would look for a pattern of a labrador dog and make a card for them. It took me a while that evening to find a pattern. Thanks to Jane Eborall's website "Tatting and not a lot else!" janeeborallblogspot.com, I found a puppy pattern that I thought if I did it in black thread would be a suitable lab puppy. Since it was Thursday evening, meaning Friday would be the last day to celebrate during lab professionals week, I did not have much time so I could only make one instead of the 6 I was envisioning, one for each person in the lab. When I finished it though, it did not look much like a puppy to me so I was a little disappointed and almost abandoned my idea to make them a card. In a rush the next morning I hastily wrote "happy lab professionals week" on a piece of paper and attached the tatting to the paper with a paperclip. I then went to the girls and presented them with the paper. I had to explain that it was supposed to be a lab puppy, everyone thought it was a lamb instead. They loved it so much the lab supervisor went right out and bought a frame and put it on the table in the lab for all to see. I was awed by their response and vowed to myself I would do a better job next year. 

So I started with the beginning and made a few baubles. I was pleasantly surprised at how easy this technique is once I figured it out. It helps to work it while reading the instructions, it makes more sense that way. So I showed it to my co-workers, not the lab girls. I am trying to make it a surprise for them, and they loved the idea.”

More tomorrow - don’t miss it as you’ll be blown away.  

6 June 2022

Monday moan

Sorry I missed posting last week but life got in the way of EVERYTHING!!!  Not helped by being one of the organisers of the road’s Jubilee party/parties!!  See my outfit below - yes I was mainly serving teas, coffees and washing up which is my favourite job.
Anyway, on to today’s Monday moan.

Today it’s about Facebook (this is my page).  It’s not a place I use or go to a lot.  Yes I post a link to this blog and pictures I take on my walks but never anything personal as you’ve probably noticed.  

Now I belong to lots of tatting groups on Facebook and sometimes, sometimes I feel I can add to a thread. Usually I do a ‘turn on notifications’ and then wait for others to answer the problem but I do go straight in with a comment occasionally.  Mostly I just look at email notifications in my inbox and delete from there without going onto the platform itself.  

What annoys me is the amount of ‘selling pattern’ adverts that are put on the groups by people.  They advertise in every group so I have sometimes up to ten to delete in a row.  Fortunately nowadays I recognise the names and so just select them all in my inbox and delete straight from there.  There’s one group that I love - Just-Tatting as no advertising is allowed except for two or three days a month.  Lily, the administrator, is ACE at making sure this happens too.  I wish all these groups were the same as day after day I delete, delete, delete.  In fact there’s one group for tatting designers which I thought I’d join as I may learn something or be able to help but all this seems to be is yet another group of adverts.  I’m out of there now so that’ll save the delete button a bit.

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Happy Beaks
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