6 May 2022

It works!!

My notes and pictures worked for the little pouch. Thank goodness!!!
Now I have another problem - what to do with them when I've finished them.  I want to make a few more as I now enjoy doing them.

What tickles me about them is that even the smallest coin doesn't slip out into my pocket.  They're also ideal for a small tatting project as they easily take two shuttles.  If anybody wants one I'll charge £5.00 plus postage.  I doubt I'll make many more so I won't list on Etsy.  Well, I may do but they'll have to be more money to cover their charges too.

Again for those who missed the original link to the pattern - here it is.  

My own instructions worked fine but I'm going to stop making more for a few days so that BC3 has a chance to forget them and thus test the destructions again - when he's forgotten.  

5 May 2022

Back to the pouch problem

Well I decided that I really needed to write this pouch pattern down in words and pictures for myself.  Obviously this isn't my pattern so I won't be publishing it in another format even though it's probably OK to do so. 

The adventure started with the pictures shown below (and trying to follow the video) and as I was putting such a lot of effort into it I decided that I'd 'involve' the velcro idea too.  

Now I have a 'thing' about velcro showing on the outside of a finished item so where to put the second velcro so that it wouldn't show when the pouch was closed was a BIG problem!!!  Poor BC3 took ages puzzling it all out. 

Here are the pictures that I took as I was making it.

4 May 2022

Another little basket

This time one in cream.  I'm really going to have to give some of these away soon as they're taking up space.  I'll be looking for 'victims' so be warned!!!!  

I'm sure somebody will like them but I may have to resort to stopping people in the street and foisting them onto them!!  They keep me happy making them and that's all that counts!

3 May 2022

A better looking visor?

I'm taking you on another trip down 'memory lane' but it's not that far to go this time!!!  

Remember what I thought was the ugliest visor ever seen?  Here it is.

Well - it was!!!!  Below is the new rendition of it.  I wanted something in more wintry colours and this fabric just happened to be in my stash.  It looks a big wrinkly on the band part but it isn't as bad as it looks on the photos.  Anyway, I'm a happy soul now that the ugly has gone!!!!

2 May 2022

A new little pouch

Do you remember my Monday moan from last week about video patterns?  If not then here's the link.  

I really struggled to make this little pouch but got there in the end!!!  

I did this one exactly as the pattern showed but with one difference.  I used an old fashioned press stud to close it.  Here's the pattern I'm talking about.

Now I don't own one of those popper tools anymore as I could never get on with it.  I've decided that the next pouch I make will NOT have a press stud but velcro instead.  

Of course this will add to the problem so BC3 is going to have to have his thinking cap on for the next one!

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Happy Beaks
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