7 December 2013

Just when you thought it was all over

Yet another gecko!!!!

This one's for Sharren Morgan who asked whether I'd used this colour of thread.  Well I hadn't - but now I have!!!  It's Lizbeth number 164 - Blue River Glades.  

I'm still doing the geckos with no real idea on what they're going to be used for - but plans are now beginning to form in BC3's little bit of my brain.

I'm wondering whether to put them on clothing as I've said before - OR to explore the possibility of making bags for them to live on!!!!  Those would have to wait for the 'sewing season' which starts again in the Spring when it'll again (hopefully!) be warm enough to have the sewing machine out in the conservatory again.  The problems of living in a 'not very big' terraced house!!!!

5 December 2013

Snowflake in a flurry!

Now it's on to snowflakes.  So many choices but as usual I thought I'd check over another of my older patterns.  There were two or three spaces missing on this one which have now been corrected!!

This one was designed with two colours in mind but I've always been meaning to try it out in just one colour.  Thus a white snowflake with gold beads.  I quite like it but prefer colours - an OG can never have enough colour in her life!!!

4 December 2013

Two more.

AHA, that fooled you.  Bet you thought it was going to be 'two more geckos'!!!!

No, I've succumbed to the season which is now upon us!!!!  I'm making trees yet again!!!  These will be given away as long as I get roundtoit and find them again as I'm a top notch loser of everything - including my marbles!!!

The pattern is on my site as you know.  Just needed to test them again - well, that's another of my excuses!!!! 

3 December 2013

Almost running out of steam!

Another gecko made this time with Lizbeth 133 - Razzle Dazzle!

I'm also making other things too but usually manage to forget where I've left them.  

I spent nearly all day on Sunday uploading the new TIAS (Tat It And See) onto my web site and checking all the links.  A major task which I was SO pleased to see finished.  NO, I'm not telling a soul what it is except that it's not hard!!!!

2 December 2013

Talking to trees!!!

Well it's 'that' time of year again - Christmas.  Although we don't do much on that day or two of the year it's always a good excuse to eat, drink and - well, do not a lot!!!  

I usually send out a few cards and a few letters, although I must admit I tend to put those off til the last minute and often forget altogether!!!!  So yesterday I decided to get things done early this year.  I started with counting trees as they'll be going in with the letters.  Whoooops - not enough!!  So time to make a few more from this pattern.

The first one below is now a brooch - OK, not what I intended to do but that's the way things work in this part of Tat Land!!  All I did was tie the finishing threads behind the star, stiffen and then tie a safety pin to the back - behind the button.  Job done!

The second one was - well, as I intended!!!!  Looks like I'll have to pay attention to the star button as I've not tightened it up yet.  Too late in the evening when I finished it I guess!

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Happy Beaks

Happy Beaks
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