17 June 2017

Another development

Now you can see here what I did with that weird squiggly wiggly thing from yesterday. I wove it in between the petals of the inner flower bringing it up to join it to the picots on the chains of the last round. 

I used a lock chain to do this with.

Am I happy with it now? Well, the answer is a big, big NO.  Back to BC3 for further instructions.  I'll keep you posted.

Top picture is the 'front' and the bottom one - well, I'll leave you to guess!!!  NO, not the side view!!

16 June 2017

Now what?

After the excitement of yesterday and my announcement that Heidi now has the book (Dora Young's "All New Knotless Tatting") in her hands I am now 'back to boring' you with my regular posts.  

Yes, I'm still working on the ring 'thing'.  I've had an idea but not sure if it'll work.  This is actually part of it.  

I think it looks like a doomed idea but you never know.  

I'm continuing with the Dora motif I showed you yesterday, too.  I have to have two projects 'on the go' at the same time!!!

15 June 2017


Just heard a few minutes ago (when I woke up!) that the Dora Young reprint is now available. 

Heidi sent me this link so you can buy directly from her but she's also sent copies to Handy Hands too although they won't be there for another week or two - depending on the USA mail, I suppose!!!

Funnily I'd just started a new adventure with one of the patterns yesterday as I've been dying to see how it would look in two colours. I may have to start again, though, as I think I've made the picots a bit too big on this.

The reason I started was because I heard a week ago that the book was at the printers and that Heidi would be sending me a copy.  I'll tell you ALL about it when it arrives.  The excitement is intense in my corner of Tat Land and I'll be keeping a close eye open for the postman!!!

14 June 2017

Another idea - sort of!

This time I added beads to the chains.  This is an OK sort of idea but it isn't really original at all.  

I'm not happy as I want something more from BC3. Not sure how to progress this but I'm sure it won't stay like this!!!

It's years since I last played with covering cabone rings with tatting and I've done other projects since but I don't think this is end of this year's playtime, I promise!!  

There's something addictive to covering rings with tatting and I find it mesmerising.  I'm easily pleased!!!!

13 June 2017

Next part of my story about a ring!

Can you see what I've done with the ¾" ring? 

First I made a motif which fits snugly into the middle of the ring. I added beads to the bottoms of each ring by having them on the thread round the back of my hand when I started each petal. Also, with the canny use of vsp's, I managed to make those darn rings sit sweetly where they should. 

I sometimes think that the folks in Tat Land should christen me the 'Queen of the VSP's' as I use them such a lot!!!!  Mind, they'd have to crown me with a vsc (very small crown)!!!  There again - perhaps nobody's noticed!!!! They are an important design stability element for me. Well, that's my excuse and I'm sticking to it so don't you all throw rotten eggs at me!

The next thing I did was to cover the ring at the same time as adding the flower to the tatting.  

More to come!!!

12 June 2017

Pattern now ready

I thought you might like to see all the beaded baubles together in one place. Well if you didn't want to see them you're going to anyway cause they're here!!! I believe in making my blog readers suffer!

Oh, the pattern - nearly forgot. It's here. 

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Happy Beaks

Happy Beaks
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