9 April 2021


I called her Nelly because I couldn’t think of a better name for an elephant!!!  

I hope she behaves herself while she stays with me!!!

6 April 2021

Look what flew in yesterday!

This is the newest inhabitant to arrive in my shop.  This little design is a new one and one of those frustrating ones too.  
As you probably realise designing anything new is not easy and to make something small and of a size to suit card makers and quilters is even harder.

I had what I thought was a reasonably good stork and then showed it to several friends who said that the neck was too thin and the legs a bit fat!!!!  They were right.  Just when I thought the whole thing was finished it was a case of going back to basics!!  

I really value the input from people when I run things by them.  Without those sort of comments I’d be lost.  Thanks, folks.  

One stork is carrying a boy and the other a girl.  Can you guess which one is which?!?!!?

5 April 2021

Moaning Monday

Value for money.

We all like value for our money as it’s not easily earned.  So this is my ‘take’ on how to get value for your money.

Firstly I’d like to say how I price the items I have for sale in my Etsy shop.  Basically I charge according to the time it takes for me to make the item and NOT for the design itself.  I must admit I’m not out to make a living wage!!!  Nowadays, and with the items I have in the shop, I’m sticking to the things I have already on my pattern page and anything new is not going to be added to the pattern pages for some time - if ever!!!  That seems fair to me.  My BC3 so my ‘baby’!!!  I aim to ‘earn’ about £2.00 an hour - well below the living wage but it’s my hobby. I still have to pay tax on my earnings too but I’m doing it as a hobby and not to make a living.

I’ve researched Etsy sellers until I’ve nearly lost what little remains of my sanity and come to a few conclusions.  This is with regards to tatting - obviously!!!!

Items made and sold as physical items.  Now these can be designed by the seller or made from somebody else’s design.  There’s a vast difference.  If an item is made from a pattern that’s already been published then that item ought to be sold at just the time it takes to make with accreditation to the designer.  

If, however, the person selling the physical item has spent many hours designing it in the first place then it’s another area.  Perhaps that person should ask for a little more for their time and trouble.  

IF a person designs and then produces a PATTERN for sale that involves a LOT of work then that should attract a fair price.  There again there needs to be value in that pattern. By ‘value’ I mean it should be truly original, well presented and easy to follow. Many designers are now producing patterns that are many, many pages long and one I looked at recently was like that and was one which I could’ve published myself in two pages.  

A few years ago I was asked to test tat a pattern that was well over thirty pages long.  I’d be interested to hear how many people would be prepared to download and PRINT a pattern in colour that took so much ink and paper.  Please comment if you would.  I feel that we have a duty to save our planet by NOT encouraging waste of resources.

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Happy Beaks

Happy Beaks
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