1 October 2021


A post which has NOTHING to do with craft work whatsoever although I suppose it could be classed as ‘crafty’!!!
Last weekend the dishwasher died.  It wouldn’t start properly but it did fill with water.  It did get going once but again left a large puddle in the bottom.  Time to get out the destructions (instructions!).  The dishwasher is almost nine years old so there were several options to consider.  Either get the repair man out or get a new machine.  As we only run it about 3 times a week we also talked about whether we really needed another one. 

Then I remembered my lovely friend Joan who takes computers to bits and re-builds them when necessary so I got out my phone, got onto Youtube (just like Joan does) and found a video on how to fix the machine.

Now I’ve always been really good at taking things apart (thanks to my brother who once took MY clockwork train to bits to see how it worked) but I’m not so good at putting them back together!!!  BC3 can never remember where the bits go back!!

Knowing this bad trait of mine I did take it apart carefully although I struggled with the little white ‘cover bit’ that had to come out as it was in an awkward place behind another ‘black bit’.  With the aid of a toothbrush (no, I didn’t steal Nick’s) and after wiggling a little round thing a bit I decided to put it all back together and try it out.  

The result?  Well it’s working better now than it has done for a few years.  There must’ve been something in that little round wiggly thing, I think.  So, £s saved and another thing to add to my list of skills!!!

30 September 2021

Second glove done!

Here it is!!  What you’ve all been waiting for - or not!!!  The second glove done and now they're a pair!

So, what's on the agenda next?  I think another pair of gloves!!!

28 September 2021

Feeling sad

Well it seems that 65 years worth of experience is of no use to some people.  

If you ask for help then PLEASE accept it with graciousness and not bite the hand that's trying to feed you advice.

27 September 2021

Monday moan

Today’s little grumble is about the effort some people seem to think needs to be put into tatting.  By that I mean making a huge mountain out of a mole hill.
I've one to moan about today.  Posting the shuttle before closing a ring.

I tried that idea for several months (posting the shuttle through the ring before closing) and after a while stopped to seriously think about it.  BC3 doesn't 'do' thinking seriously very often.  

So then I tried going back to my old ways (and a LOT faster too) of not bothering and came to a eureka moment when I realised that (for me) it wasn't about posting the shuttle but just about holding the final ds of the ring firmly so it didn't twist.  It also didn't make a BIT of difference to being able open a ring after closing!

A picture to cheer you up after my moan!

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Happy Beaks

Happy Beaks
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