12 March 2011

Answering yesterday's question!!!

Yes, I do feel I'm addicted!!!  This can only last so long, though as I have a limited supply of the metal thingymajigs!!!!!

I put the other two in Etsy yesterday and these have gone in today so then I will have to sit back and see what happens next!!!

I discovered (as you know it takes time with me!!!) that they make excellent fridge magnets too!!!  In fact if you've got any metal in the room where you 'dis-robe' at night (usually called a bedroom!!) then you can 'park' them on there!!!  Anything for an easy life, eh?

What is that song?  The one about chewing gum?  Ah, 'does your chewing gum lose it's flavour on the bedpost overnight'?   So, if you've got a magnetic brooch cum fridge magnet and you park it on your metallic bedpost then I wonder what would happen to it overnight?!?!?!?

OK, sorry, I've lost the plot again.  Off to crawl back under my stone!!!

11 March 2011

Do I feel an addiction coming on?

I think I do!!!!

I'm now into colour with the OctoStarFlake!!!  This might be a simple pattern (rings and chains with a Hmmmm in the middle!!!) but it's BEAD HUNGRY!!!  Fortunately most of them are on very long beaded picots so don't have to be added to either the ball or shuttle thread.  I SO love this way of adding beads.  Makes for little or no planning which suits me just fine!!!  I'm lazy!!!

So what I save in outlay on magnets (only one per brooch) I'm spending on beads (and the metal inners - aka late and now dead earrings)!!!  I LOVE shopping for beads so any excuse is one I'm glad to follow.
I wore one of the pale coloured flakes yesterday - under my coat and whilst shopping just to 'test it'.  It didn't move at all so I can now start listing these in my Etsy shop.  IF I can bear to part with them, of course!!!  More to come in due course!!!

Watch this space - no, not this one but the one between my ears where brain cell # 3 lives!!!

10 March 2011

Falling leaves!!!

I'm still tidying up.  This time it's the computer.  I'm really a dozy old moo as I forget that I'm doing things and go off and start something new!!!!

The other day I mentioned to a friend that I was wondering what to start on next - she kindly and very diplomatically asked where the cat was that I was working on!!!  You know - the one with the ears that 'weren't quite right'!!!!  Well, I'm pleased to report that I'm almost finished with it!!!   With NEW ears!!!!  I'll show you soon - IF I haven't forgotten again!!!

This led me onto looking through  my files etc.  Here I found the leaves that I made for the Palmetto logo - dare I admit that I won again and my leaves were chosen for last year's Tat Days!!!!

Anyway I thought that I'd better get them up on my pattern page so here they are.

9 March 2011

First idea!!

This is what I've used the earrings for (see below).  After a session with a couple of pairs of pliers - one in each hand!!!  I can be ambidextrous when I have to be!!!  This is only the first of probably several designs using these demolished earrings!!  Hopefully Sally will come up with new ideas too as I got her two pairs  from Asda and they should arrive at her place (via Royal Fail) sometime soon.

These are NOT my favourite colours to use as you probably realise!!!!  

I have a seahorse to make for an Etsy order next so after that's done I hope to either return to the cat OR re-do this design with COLOURS.  Big, bright, brash, gorgeous colours.  AND the VERY BEST news is that they will make magnetic brooches!!!  I can't wait to get to those so if there's anybody out there (except the seahorse lass) waiting for anything else - then you'll HAVE to wait - I'm going to be playing!!!

8 March 2011

When I was out!

First of all my apologies to those who may have looked in the Etsy shop for the new worm, butterfly (already spoken for) and the new owl.  Guess who is the silly old moo who forgot to 'activate' them yesterday morning!!!  DUH!!!  Still, two out of the three are there now - thanks IsDihara for the gentle reminder!!!  I need people like you around me.

When I was out the other day I 'happened' to pop into Asda (a subsidiary of Walmart but not half as huge or with half the 'stuff'!)  We don't have a 'food' Asda here so this type of shop is somewhere I rarely go unless there is something I think they may have.  I have noticed that sometimes the necklaces there have some scrummy beads on.  They are like a magnet to me!!!!

Anyway the temptation of a 50% off in the jewellery section was just tooooo tempting so up I  trotted to see what there was available.  This is what I bought.  A pair of earrings!!!  I'll show  you what happened to them 'in due course'!!!!

7 March 2011

All change!!!

Now I've been watching my Etsy shop!!!  Well, only to try and fathom what does and doesn't sell and I've not reached any astounding conclusions either!!!!  

I've watched these three bookmarks being totally ignored now for ages and I don't blame people.  I don't much like them myself!!!!  So I've replaced them with the following.  Let's see if I can get the 'before' pictures alongside the 'after' ones in this post!!!
 Next is the worm.  I've replaced that with a 'hatted' worm!!!!


Finally I replaced the butterfly with - another zinging one!!!

Also there are a few more 'odds and ends' there too.

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Happy Beaks

Happy Beaks
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