16 May 2009

Ta de dah!!! Here they are!!!

First of all the rest of the guesses.

Sunela said:-

"I think it is a KANGAROO!! May be the MOM who is expecting."

Marty came up with this idea:-

"It can't be a soccer guy -- they don't wear hats. It's Archy the Cockroach, yes?"

Mark (Tatman) said:-
"With a black top hat(it appears) it could be Abraham Lincoln. Didn't he have tentacles????!!!!!
I think all tatters should grow tentacles so that each pair of claws could hold a shuttle and tat. How else are we to get a lot of tatting done before we leave this earth??!!!! :-D "

So, those who were guessing 'naked' were right. Except for hair,/fur that is!!! May I introduce you to the Funky Monkey!!!!

I've also done a 'City Monkey' (notice the rolled up umbrella and bowler hat) and 'Lady Monkey' (hat and handbag).

I bet somebody can come up with other versions too!!!!

I hereby issue a challenge - 'dress a monkey'!!!! How's tat?

Now if you go
to my web site you'll find something intriguing on the index page!! Down next to the link to the monkey pattern. Any further guesses?!?!?

15 May 2009

Final day for guessing!!!

I think a lot of you have got there by now!!!

This is the final guessing day. Tomorrow I will reveal all (NO, not my naked body - don't want to frighten people off).

Some of the comments from yesterday and earlier!!

TatForFun said this:-

"How should should we wait until the picture's revealed? haaaa...I'm dying to see the whole picture...pleeease ^_^
But I think it's not a man or a boy...the color is to girly LOL
Is it a peacock? "

Gina D said this too:-

"Goodmorning. I've been following your hints and my guess is that it is a pink dragon. "

Valerie said:-

"me thinks it's something with tentacles... hmmm. "

Jenny's doing aerobics and says she's sticking her neck out!!!

"Ok I'll stick my neck out and say it is a mouse. Thanks for the fun"

Marty said this:-

Tentacles? How about a pink tree with waving branches? Nah, what ever it is it's not wearing nuthin'!

Tia's got another idea:-

"OOOOH A Jelly Fish?"

Jon has VERY good hearing!!!

"The picture is showing the tail of a rattle snake. I can almost hear it rattling. "

14 May 2009

Day 7

I think you'll all 'get it' today but I'll wait and see!!!!

Carol Amich said yesterday:-

"I guess an octopus or squid!!"

Bev came up with this rhyme:-

Some see pink elephants,

some see a man,

some see what ever they can...

but I've stood on my head,

and spun around and all I got
was on the ground.

From down here, all I see..
isn't pink elephants;
but a pink monkey....

Elizabeth said:-

"Looks like a chicken laying a bunch of eggs.LOL"

Tia said:-

"well....that could be a hand...if the picots had been in diffrent lengths....or it is antennae for a naked...Snail...Yup definatly going with Snail."

Jenny Griffin thinks this:-

could it possibly be another ballerina?"

13 May 2009

Day 6

I'm getting worried. Very, very worried. Seems to me that people think I'm a 'dirty old woman'!!!!

This is a remark that came in from Snowy:-

"Now with this new element I am alternating between pink elephant or naked man....scary thought! LOL "

Ginny's remark is fine - nothing to worry about there!!!:-

"Is it a Owl?"

Marty said:-

"Nah - it's a soccer player -- that's a leg! "

Jon said this:-

"I can see that it may be a pink elephant, but I don't know which part Snowy sees the naked man, ;-/, lol. "

Personally I think you're all mad, mad, mad!!! Then again it takes a mad woman to see/know a mad one!!!! Here's today's piece!!!

12 May 2009


That means Hot Off The Press!!!

Just had an email from Pat @ Roseground Supplies. They now stock the new Lizbeth thread. How COOOOOOOOL is that?!?!??? For prices and colours (the thread isn't listed yet) please contact Pat directly on pat @ roseground.com

Day 5

Today we have another part of the finished 'thingy'!!!

Yesterday Bev suggested this:-

"Could this be a critter that swings from trees? Do we get 20 questions? Animal? Vegetable? Mineral?"

Now how she could get to that from what she saw yesterday is puzzling to me!!!!!

Thelma says

"Is it maybe a tatted cross???"

Christine has come up with a good answer:-

"It has to be a pink elephant."

11 May 2009

Day 4 - something different!

Now, just to confuse you and add to the tease I'm putting up the completed first part of this pattern.

This would be the first 'part' you would work if you chose to work it. BUT, here's the problem.

Have I shown this diagram the right way up?!?!? Of course it could be shown partly turned round or even upside down!!! That's the conundrum!!!

Yesterday Lynne said the following -

"A crinoline lady with tiered skirt, this is the bottom layer of the skirt and day 2 is the tier above it!!!! or shall I wait for the white coats!!!!!"

Lynne, I suggest you hold in there. Don't let them take you just yet!!!

I'm worried about Steph too. What sort of mind does she think I've got?! This is her suggestion:-

"I've got it!! It's a little naked man, isn't it? I just knew it!! ;)"

10 May 2009

Day 3 of Tease a Tat

This is day 3. Things will get a bit more interesting tomorrow.

This remark from Eileen really tickled me. She said -
I knew right away what it is. It's a caterpillar with sunburn, saw one in my garden yesterday. You know what they say........"ask a silly question" etc."

Do please remember I have a perverted sense of humour so things might not always seem the 'right way up'!!!!!!

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