28 June 2014

Milward shuttles

Thought you'd like to see some shuttles today. Not those being sold in my Etsy shop later but two I bought off Ebay a week or so ago.

One was bought for a friend who often finds that Ebay sellers won't ship to her country so I bid on them (sometimes she does) and the seller ships to me. We settle up with each other and I mail hers items on.  Then I spotted another one and put a bid on for myself. The one on the left is the one I bought and the one on the right is now on the way to the friend.

Several interesting things to note about the differences. Neither has the green ribbon which the shuttles always used to have on the hooks when I bought them brand new back in the 1960/70's.  Always useful when you wanted to find the little stinkers as they spent their lives (the hooks) hiding from me down the side of sofas and chairs. 

The font used on the two packets is very different too. It makes me think the one on the left is a lot newer than the one on the right.  I love the instructions on the right hand one.  In the many, many years I used the Milwards I never ever had any problems with them.  To think that they were made such a short distance from where I live is also amazing as that never occurred to me 'back then'.

I see there are several patent numbers on the one packet too (747, 745 and 746) and on the other is the postcode. 

Now me being a nosy old git I just HAD to google that postcode and it appears that the factory site is now a housing estate. Nothing new there, then!!!!

27 June 2014


A decision has been made!!! A decision on when the shuttles will go 'live' in my Etsy shop here tomorrow.

I will let them 'go' at 14.00 BST. That will keep me out of mischief for a few hours.

Please if possible - could you try to stick to one order and not multiples? 

I find that BC3 complains bitterly over having to work out what Paypal refunds to do!!!! In fact he threatened to stop doing refunds the other day but I persuaded him to think long and hard over that!!!

Just for eye candy - a few more shuttles!!!!

26 June 2014

Guesses please!!!!!

Now this little gismo has been made for a reason. BUT can anybody guess what it's been made for?

I'll give you a clue.  The owl is not only there for 'prettiness' sake but also for weight too.  

Another clue?  Take a look at the other end opposite the owl - why have I added a metal split ring there?

One thing I will tell you - it's not an earring!!!   Too long and not pretty enough.

25 June 2014

Last of the Fandango bookmarks

Before I go off on my daily ramblings about tatting - I'm wondering if anybody else is having problems with blogger? 

You'll see (below the bookmark) that I've taken a screen shot of my own blog. Well normally there are loads of blogs that I follow in my reading list but nowadays (well, for the past few days) I only get the latest one showing up!! Now that's OK except that I'm sure I'm missing loads of blogs that I normally read. This is happening on all my devices so it's not just the big computer, not just the browser but something is wrong. Sally seems to be having the same problem too.  

Just been snurging round the blogger forums and we're not the only ones having this problem.  Blogger are working on it.  PHEWWWWWW.

I woke up this morning and found blogger is working properly again but thought I'd leave this post 'as is' just in case it's of interest to anybody!!!

Well, the last for now!!!!  Again this is worked with size 40 thread and the pattern is here.  

24 June 2014

New shuttles arriving sooooon.

Well, Saturday to be exact. BUT I'm not sure yet what time I'll release them!!! 

I think it would be a good idea to ask 'wannabe' buyers what time they'd like so - over to you!!!! If you can comment with the hour you'd like in BST (British Summer Time) then that would be very helpful. I will then work out the average of the requests and list them then.  Of course, I'll let you all know in plenty of time.  

What's that saying?  Time and tide wait for no man!!!  Well it's got to wait for me for once!!!!

The shuttles I've got are listed here:-

3 ZEBRANO £20.00 each (2 with hooks, 1 without hook) 
4 OREGAN MYRTLE £17.50 each (3 with hooks, 1 without hook) 
4 CHERRY £17.50 each (3 with hooks, 1 without hook) 
1 YEW £17.50 
3 SEQUOIA £17.50 each (2 with hooks 1 without hook) 
4 HOLLY £17.50 each (3 with hook 1 without hook) 

4 PURPLE HEART £7.50 each 
4 MAHOGANY £6.00 each 
4 BEECH £6.00 each 
2 TEAK £6.00 each 
2 ROSEWOOD £6.00 each 
3 SYCAMORE £6.00 each 
2 ASH £6.00 each

 Oregon Myrtle
 Purple Heart

23 June 2014

Tickled pink!!!

Now do you remember how annoyed I was when it became obvious that my ladybird pattern had been used by an Italian magazine? Here's the link to my blog post.

Well I was very upset about the whole thing and discussions continued with Allessandro and I realised that the whole matter could be helped by educating everybody about this sort of thing rather than getting the aged knickers further in a twist.  In the end I agreed to send in a couple of my patterns to be considered for publication.  Actually what I did was take two off my web site (the dolphin and smaller seahorse) and tried to simplify them.

Personally I don't think they're as 'good' as the originals but, for this situation, as the magazine has started with simple techniques and is slowly building them up, I feel it works.

There is also a full page 'blurb' on yours truly too.  I had to copy type the Italian into google translate and found out that this is what it says!!!!

We are pleased to present in this issue of the journal, two works created by Jane Eborall, an artist Anglo-Saxon (means English!!!) one of the most imaginative creative in the world of tatting.
Work at chiarcchierino (tatting) since working with the shuttle, now about 55 years ago. During a trip scolasitca in Belgium, Bruge, was hit by bobbin lace made by a local lady. Back at home. his dream was to be able to carry out similar work.

Two years later, by chance, her grandmother decided to attend a tatting and also involved her granddaughter in this new learning.
From that moment Jane is passionate significantly to this technique and made it their hobby, so much so that even now and unlikely to spend a day without ever having used the 'mythical' shuttle.
Tatting for and has no secrets, since he created with arches, rings and picots an entire zoo which can be viewed on his blog http://janeeborall.blogspot.co.uk.
and on this site http://www.janeeborall.freeservers.com, which provides free copy from various schemes

Our knowledge with Jane and was random but very lucky, and everything depended on a ladybug ....... created by Jane in 2001.
And so was born a useful exchange of information and collaboration practica and that resulted in these two mervigliosi marine subjects that we offer.

Creative Commons Licence

Happy Beaks

Happy Beaks
I beg your pardon? I didn't quite catch what you said.