26 May 2023

Adding the edging

Once my dress had arrived earlier this week I searched through books to find a pattern I liked and also online but in the end I thought I’d use the same one as Sally!!!! She makes good decisions. 

This is the one we both settled on. We are both using different threads though!!

As Sally is quite a bit younger than me (we have a brother in the middle!) she'll look like a spring chicken in hers while I'll look like my normal self - an old turkey!!!  

25 May 2023

Finished the doily

Finally I’ve finished Robin Perfetti’s doily. I’m so pleased with it and also I have an important announcement to make. 

It will NOT be going into a box in the cupboard!!! A friend was watching me make it a few weeks ago and said she liked the colours I was using. I asked if she’d like the doily and she said yes please. So, Joan, this is your doily. Just hope I remember to bring it to Alcester with me tomorrow!!!

24 May 2023

Progress on the new jacket

This is going well at the moment. Long may that last!!! All the fabric is made although there may be places which need more squares or adjustments. I’ve also done a zigzag stitch to anchor and give more substance to the fabric. Now to plan how to add this to the original fleece. Bring out BC3!!!

The top picture shows all the pieces laid out on the grass and the second shows the zigzag round the squares. They need a good pressing under the iron and then I’ll be trying to puzzle out how to proceed!!!

23 May 2023

A new dress

Sally (my little sister) was telling me about a new dress she’d bought last week. She showed me a picture of it and sent me this link too.

As you can see it’s denim and I love denim. So I decided to copy my sister and buy one for myself!!! We both plan to add some tatting to our new dresses which will be fine as we’ll never be seen together in the same dress.  Sadly we live 100 miles apart. Shame as we never get to meet up nowadays.  Least we have email and WhatsApp etc.  

22 May 2023

Monday moan

YouTube. Yes, that’s the subject for today’s moan!! 

I love YouTube in so many ways (I managed to fix the dishwasher a couple of years ago by watching a tutorial) but there are some videos that I find truly a ‘waste of space’. 

Yesterday I found I was watching one which showed a ‘free tatting pattern’ being made. 

This was a generic pattern that’s been around for years so it’s not ‘new’ as such. But it was the quality of the video that was so poor and misleading. No soundtrack (please NEVER play background music) and text on the screen which wasn’t that useful either. There was no explanation of the starting method either.  

Ah well, back off my soapbox and on with the day!

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Happy Beaks
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