26 May 2023

Adding the edging

Once my dress had arrived earlier this week I searched through books to find a pattern I liked and also online but in the end I thought I’d use the same one as Sally!!!! She makes good decisions. 

This is the one we both settled on. We are both using different threads though!!

As Sally is quite a bit younger than me (we have a brother in the middle!) she'll look like a spring chicken in hers while I'll look like my normal self - an old turkey!!!  


Maureen said...

It’s a simple, classic edging, and I think you and Sally should arrange to meet “ somewhere in the middle”, both wearing the new dresses. That would be fun!

Anonymous said...

I *thought* Sally used one of your patterns, but couldn't see my computer well enough to confirm my suspicions. Great edging choice - fun to tat AND a very pretty edging!

Crazy Mom! said...

Old turkey - give me a break!

Jane McLellan said...

Aha, I’ve used that pattern of yours, makes a very nice edging.

Rose Anne B said...

Love the edging! ❤️
I'm not sure why I think this, but I see joining the first and last rings together OR joining te picots just underneath. What do you think? 🤔😉

God's Kid said...

Looks nice!! :)

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