30 May 2023

My dress is finished too!!

If you’ve seen this post and then this one you’ll know what I’m talking about!!!

If you haven’t then please visit them and you’ll see that I’m not ‘quite’ a copycat as I used a different thread to my sister, Sally!!!

Which leads me to an announcement. Sally has changed her blog address and you can now find her on this one. 


God's Kid said...

Looks terrific!! :)

Anonymous said...

The dress looks terrific. So does Sally's. That edging looks great in any color.

Jane McLellan said...

The tatting certainly spruces it up. Glad to see Sally has set up her blog again, thanks for the link.

Rose Anne B said...

Awesome! Simplicity to classy!!!

GoldenMom said...

Oh, how cute your dress looks with its lovely tatting embellishments!

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Happy Beaks
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