22 May 2010

The danger is over!

This is the finished bag.  
The first picture is of the 'naked' bag.  Nick took one look at it and asked what the loops were for above the front pockets (one to hold my mobile phone and t'other for this and that).  He might've known there'd be a rhyme and reason for them!!!!!

In the second picture you can see why I 'needed' a new bag!!!  I wanted to 'show off' my dangles - the ones I've decided to keep for myself!!!!  I've added special charms to these but there will eventually be more dangles.  

The brooch was made using the MOP pattern and I wore this on my winter coat for ages.   Think I'll make a few more of these!!!  I've learnt a lesson about adding tatting to bags - it works a treat for a while but then sewn or stuck on motifs get mucky!!!!  This way I can remove the bits and pieces for a 'freshening up' from time to time!!!  Well, that's the theory!!!!

I'll be adding more dingles, dangles, pins and stuff as I think of them!!!!!

21 May 2010


DANGER - woman at work!!!!
This is my sewing area - but strictly in the warmer weather.

As you know - I'm an 'old bag'.  I love making bags.  Not only the ones in my Etsy shop but also handbags.  I DO try to buy ready made bags but REFUSE to pay a fortune for them as I 'fall out' with them after a short while.  Then there's the problem of choosing a bag. Too much and not enough choice!!!

So, I usually end up making one for myself.

What pattern do I use?  Well again there's a problem.  I spend ages searching and searching the internet but can never find the 'right one' and even if I could I can never understand the directions on 'how to' make them.  

In the end I just 'start'!!!!  You can see the newspaper that I cut up to make the 'on the hoof' pattern and the denim that this bag is made of.  The rest will follow as I've been making it now for a week or so.  Many interruptions have caused it to be 'slow work'.  

20 May 2010

Suggestion for the button flower

Some people asked what was the use of the button flower!!  Well, they actually didn't put it like that - just a general question!!!!  Like - what would you use it for!!!!

So I had to call on that dear old brain cell for an idea or two.

Here's what he came up with as the only other thing I could think of was for a brooch/pin.

19 May 2010

The last four and the 3 patterns!

These are the last of the cabone ring dangles.  
I think I've tested these enough and have a reasonable number for the fair too!!!!

So, I've added the three patterns now to the site.  I've struggled against time to do this - time which seemed to run away from me daily!!!!  At long last here they are:-

First the small button flower which is here:-

Next is a re-write of a cabone ring (that's also known as a curtain ring - small) pattern that I did many moons ago in 2003.  This time I've added more beads and a large one in the centre which is fairly simple to 'add as you go':-

The final pattern of this 'session' is the Winsome Drop earring which can be found here:-

If anybody does make any of these I'd just LOVE to see them.  I can't stop making any of them and am almost at the stage of stopping people in the street to give them away!!!! 

18 May 2010

More cabone rings!

Hmmmm.  Another addiction hits this corner of tat land, eh?  

The patterns for this, the earrings and the button flower will be up soon.  Just need to be sure they're reasonable understandable!!!

17 May 2010

Two more of the cabone rings!

I really like this version!!!  I must write down (and draw) how I add the bead to the centre - it's NOT added in at the end.

I really have a passionate hate of beads and sequins added to tatting after the item's been made as I worry about them getting 'snagged' and then falling off.  I'd break a leg to get mine included within the work!!!!  Well, actually that's not quite true - what I do is work and work at a problem like this until I've solved it and THEN write it down and draw it.  What's that saying?  Where there's a will, there's a way!!!!

If a bead or sequin is included within  the making of the piece then it's 'there for life'.  Beads and sequins should be there forever and not lost in the laundry!!!  

Am I odd or just plain stubborn!!!!  Answers on a postage stamp, please and no rude ones either!!!!!

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Happy Beaks
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