19 May 2010

The last four and the 3 patterns!

These are the last of the cabone ring dangles.  
I think I've tested these enough and have a reasonable number for the fair too!!!!

So, I've added the three patterns now to the site.  I've struggled against time to do this - time which seemed to run away from me daily!!!!  At long last here they are:-

First the small button flower which is here:-

Next is a re-write of a cabone ring (that's also known as a curtain ring - small) pattern that I did many moons ago in 2003.  This time I've added more beads and a large one in the centre which is fairly simple to 'add as you go':-

The final pattern of this 'session' is the Winsome Drop earring which can be found here:-

If anybody does make any of these I'd just LOVE to see them.  I can't stop making any of them and am almost at the stage of stopping people in the street to give them away!!!! 


Paula C. said...

Thank you so much for these wonderful patterns! I can't wait to try them. I found some 5/8" rings at a sewing store today. Paid a little more for them than I would have liked but at least I have some to play with now!

Sally Kerson said...

I'm addicted to the cabone ring and the earrings but have not got as far as the button flowers yet - they are all so gorgeous and like you want to give them all away! Thanks for giving me them to test tat - well I made you!!!!

Thelma said...

Thank you Jane for the patterns! Hope to be able to do one soon!

Walden said...

Lovely, lovely. Thanks for the patterns :)

Fox said...

Many thinks!

There is a world of eager shuttlers out here in Tat-land ready to pounce on these patterns. You are a source of inspiration!

Fox the Grateful : )

Lelia said...

Your patterns are wonderful - I just saw them featured on Craft Gossip


Jane Eborall said...

Thanks, folks - glad you like them.
Thanks for the link too, Lelia. That was very interesting and something I'd not have known about if it wasn't for you!

TypsTatting said...

Thanks for the wonderful patterns I must now find where to buy the cabone rings, here in Australia.

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