22 May 2010

The danger is over!

This is the finished bag.  
The first picture is of the 'naked' bag.  Nick took one look at it and asked what the loops were for above the front pockets (one to hold my mobile phone and t'other for this and that).  He might've known there'd be a rhyme and reason for them!!!!!

In the second picture you can see why I 'needed' a new bag!!!  I wanted to 'show off' my dangles - the ones I've decided to keep for myself!!!!  I've added special charms to these but there will eventually be more dangles.  

The brooch was made using the MOP pattern and I wore this on my winter coat for ages.   Think I'll make a few more of these!!!  I've learnt a lesson about adding tatting to bags - it works a treat for a while but then sewn or stuck on motifs get mucky!!!!  This way I can remove the bits and pieces for a 'freshening up' from time to time!!!  Well, that's the theory!!!!

I'll be adding more dingles, dangles, pins and stuff as I think of them!!!!!


Valerie said...

i'd be looking out to steal the bag, esp all the danglings... :p

Typstatting said...

Jane Jane Jane! There is just no hope for you once again you have made me laugh!!!!!! Only you would have made up that story about the Dragon eating up the tatting!!!!!

geraldine said...

wow what a loverly bag arn't you clever. have had material for 6months to do a bag still sitting on side may be i'll get it started this week.

sewmuchfun4 said...

That's a great bag! LOVE those pockets in the front. Your dangles look really pretty on it and show nicely against the denim.
:) Ann

Suz said...

Jane love the purse! And I am like you...I hate it when you can't keep your tatting clean. Wonderful idea to be able to take them off and clean them up!

Gina said...

What a great design! And good idea for the dangles.

Margarets designer cards said...

Lovely bag and great tangley bits, I think if no one gets to the bag first I would pinch them too, They look so good I would love to make some for myself can I have the pattern please Margaret

Margarets designer cards said...

Thank you for your comments on my blog and I have become a follower on yours will be back again Margaret

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