13 February 2010

What am I doing?

What am I doing at the moment?  OK, funny guys, I know I'm sitting in front of the computer but what I REALLY meant is what am I doing tatting wise.

I'm working on hats.  Small, flat hats.  I've done 3D ones in the past (they're on my site somewhere) but I was asked if I knew of a flat one.  I went round and round the internet to try and find one already 'out there'.  I couldn't and I know there are some somewhere.  SO disappointing.  

The lady who asked was so sweet that I then thought that I could try and make one.  Of course, me being me, I start on one and then have ideas for another!!!

One is done.  It will be 'card sized', I think.  The second one is rubbish so will be re-vamped again this evening.   I'll show you the first one but I'm quite ashamed of the second.  Actually I'll show you that when I've (hopefully!!!!) improved it!!!!

12 February 2010

Replacement earrings!

Ta de Dah!!!  They're done - the replacement earwigs!!!!

Now I know why the originals were my favourites - they take SO much time to make!!  They're very fiddly but I think well worth the effort.  I have another 'variation' on these which I may make in a few days and with different colours.  

The thread I used is Dual Duty plus - Bouton Artisanat.

I did add some more dangly beads to these 'just because'.  Oh, and you can see I didn't try to replicate the original one either!!!!!!

11 February 2010

Norman and Aileen

I've just realised that I'd forgotten to let you know the order of the first guesses on the TIAS.  Been a bit busy lately with the Pop-A-Bobbin shuttles and getting them in the mail!!!  

The first correct guess (and I SO admire her for 'getting it' so quickly) was Caroline who after day 4 was 'wondering' if it could be a rooster or a hen.  Well done, Caroline.

Katie wrote after day 6 and she said:-
Hmm, woke up this morning with a brain flash.  It must be a rooster or a turkey, the first bit as the tail and the second as the wing and the eye is part of the little pin-head.”

After day 7 Isa guessed right too and said:-
"Here it's my TIAS day 7. And I know what it is................... A Beautiful ROOSTER......."

Also on day 7 Ginny asked if it was a chicken and Lai Ellen said:-
"Day 7 done!  Suddenly dwell on me it might be a rooster, but the tail part looks a bit too sweeping down, so my guess is a peacock."

There were a few more guesses on that day and after day 8 I think many more guessed too.  I tended to 'lose the plot' after day seven!!!!  That's because I've got a brain as big as a chicken!!!!

10 February 2010


Another rooster strolled in this evening after a long walk.

This one is from Betty in THE NETHERLANDS.  This is what Betty has to say:-
"It was very nice to follow the TIAS.  I send you a photo of my rooster.  Thank you for the very clear description and translation of the tatting.

Would you like to meet Delilah?

I've been working on a dove pattern for my little sister for the past few weeks.  I've got about 9 of the wretched things lying around the house in the 'that's NOT any good' stage (note to self - find and bin them TODAY).

She made the Pam Palmer one which I think is lovely but dear Sally wanted one without any 'stops and starts'.  She knows that I try to avoid 'cuts and ties' at any price so she left the 'hint' in the aged brain that she really, really would like another dove pattern to work in 'one hit'.  

So, out came brain cell number 3 who (I must add) must've been in a winter's hibernation mode!!!!  Thus the many, many tryouts.  I tried to use Picasso's dove sketch (which I love) as my source 'inspiration' but it wasn't right for this project.

Finally I 'got there' (thanks Jennifer, Bev and Sally for your suggestions) and you can see it at the bottom of this post.

Why have I called her Delilah?  You'll have to read this to find out!!!

9 February 2010

Monday evening

Late this evening I received this rooster from Roelien in THE NETHERLANDS.  This is what she says:-
"I am Roelien Moesker from the Netherlands. I live in the northern part of the Netherlands, Groningen. After 45 years I started tatting  again in april last year. I became a member of the frivolit√©kring in our country. I tried to make the tias. It was rather difficult for me, but with help of my friend Ankie I finished it. I hope you like  my rooster.

I like tatting."

Pop-A-Bobbin shuttles

The new shuttles arrived at 'chez Jane's' yesterday so after a quick lunch I spent a long time in the afternoon listing them.  Very lucky to get them listed as I could happily have kept 'the lot'!!!   

They really look superb. 

This post (the above part) was going out to announce the fact that the six shuttles were in the shop - BUT by the time this morning came they'd all gone.  If you want to see them but missed out then please take a peek in the 'sold' section of the shop.

Neither Sally or her DH ('im locked in the garage) seriously expected this fast response so now I'm going to say that if you want one of the next batch then let me know and I'll keep a list.  You'll need Paypal but I think this way it'll be a faster service for those who 'missed out' last time.  When the next ones arrive I'll email you and let you know and we'll 'go from there'.  I'm not sure what wood Nick ('im in the garage) will be using for the next lot but I do know he's ordered some more specialised woods so the prices may vary.

Thanks for all the hilarious suggestions on what to do about the earring problem - I'm still thinking about it!!!!

8 February 2010

Is my name Van Gogh?

I ask this because I have a problem.  
Houston, listen to me - I have a problem!!!!

On Saturday I lost one of  my favourite of all time earrings while I was out shopping.  
Now, do I 
(a) cut off the one ear and if so, which one 
(b) do I make another one exactly the same to match the remaining one 
(c) do I make a new pair which will be similar - but not the same.
All these decisions to make!!  Not fair to put all these problems in the path of an old git!!!!

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Happy Beaks

Happy Beaks
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