31 August 2023

Decisions decisions.

All I know about this new project is that it’s going to be a cloth to go over a very, very old table in my bedroom AND that it’s going to be blue to match my bed linen!!!  

Unlike Diane (Lacelovin’ Librarian) I’m not that fond of blue.  BUT I’m slowly beginning to really love it.  I actually didn’t realise how much ‘blue’ I’d got in my stash until I decided to do this cloth.  So it’s now time to consider how to put them all together.  

This is where poor old BC3 struggles with so many choices.  I’m the same about everything in my life - I’m a real prevaricator!!!

29 August 2023

A tentative start!

Here are a few paper pieces cut out and ready before Rose Anne kindly sent me some printable ones.  I have used a catalogue for these as the paper is just right for me.  However the paper printed ones are a lot quicker to cut out!!!

As you can see I’ve abandoned pins and am using these small quilter’s clippy things.  I really like them as pins are such a fiddle.  They were in some fabric that I picked up from freecycle otherwise I’d never have known about them!!!

28 August 2023

A whole alien!

I’m afraid I’ve not got a lot to show this week as I’ve been plodding away at the patchwork and have been tatting new designs. 

However thanks to Maureen and her timely reminder I have finally got the whole alien rescued from the TIAS and now I just one place.  The TIAS links are still there although some of the links at the bottom left of each page (they take you back to the previous day) may not work.

After the TIAS is over I move all the links into one folder on the server which makes it much easier to manage on the server.  This means changing all the links on the TIAS blog too.  Unfortunately it does require a lot of attention so I’m hoping I’ve got it right!!!

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Happy Beaks

Happy Beaks
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