29 December 2012

Doily round 2

Here's round 2 of the mystery doily.  I wanted a complete contrast for this row so used Lizbeth thread number 691.  I think it makes the blue stand up quite well.  

It takes me a lot of agonising over which colours to use as I'm pretty sure I know what I want on the final round so all the others should lead up to that one.  Still it's quite a novelty working on a doily.  It'll never be used - just chucked in the usual box.

I really must find some time soon to make some smallies - little things I can give to people 'as and when' I need/want to.

28 December 2012

Oval pendant

So, after the earrings then there just HAD to be a pendant!!!  Here it is.  

I'm having problems with getting myself in the 'mood' to put the pattern together at the moment.  I will get there shortly.  I think the constant rain has caused internal rust!!!

I will have a firm word with myself and make sure I listen to myself too.  Hmmmm, I hope I don't bore me as much as I must be boring you!

I hope to get the TIAS up online over the next few days too and will announce the start date too.  No, I haven't forgotten!!!

27 December 2012

Doily round 1

No, this isn't what I was doing over the past two days!!!  I did it before the festivities but have only just got round to blogging it.  On this round I used Lizbeth thread number 658 for the rings and 665 for the chains.

I've (well, brain cell 3) has almost decided what he's going to work on next but I need to draw up a rough idea first.  This one feels as if it might benefit from a 'sort of' drawing first although I normally head straight in with the shuttles - armed and dangerous!!!  We'll see.  I'll not have much time today as we have a 'grandson invasion' predicted.  Least that's if the floods don't prevent them getting here.  

24 December 2012

A guessing game!

Before I start - a warning.  I've had to put the captcha test back on my comments.  I DO hope this doesn't put you off commenting but I was getting so much spam it was beginning to annoy the old git.

Now to my real post!  I was a war baby. Born in 1943 when rationing was on and things were tight financially.  

One of my earliest memories around the time I started tatting was that I could just afford to buy patterns and threads on a meagre amount of pocket money.  

Patterns (both books and leaflets) were few and far between 'back then'.  I bought every leaflet that was published during those teenage years and one doily really appealed to me.  I made it several times during my early years of tatting and a few weeks ago I decided that it was time to relax over the Christmas period and tat it again.

I'm not going to tell you which one I'm making - I'll leave you to guess over the next few days/weeks - if you want to.  I suppose it'll be good practice for the TIAS but in this case I'll be doing the tatting for you!!!!  I WILL tell you which one it is at the end, though.  

This time of tatting the doily I decided to use some of my new Lizbeth threads.  This part is made using size 20 Gold and the number is 611.

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Happy Beaks

Happy Beaks
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